Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keep trying and never quit at anything you do.

Why is it that all the good things in life are hard to come by? Any thing good in life is never easy. We have to work very hard for the things that mean the most to us. It takes a great bit of effort.
One should never be the weakling and find yourself off in a corner somewhere sulking because you aren’t getting your way. Nobody ever looks at the person who simply gives up on life, gives up on the dreams, goals, hopes and everything that our lives have to offer. This person will get pitied because he/she is showing others that he/she just has no zest for life and doesn’t want to make the effort.
Find your strengths and work with them. If you have weaknesses, seek them out, learn why you possess them and just learn to accept them. We can’t do everything perfect. There are always going to be some things that we are better at than at others.
Like for me it would be painting that could be my weakness where drawing is my strong point. True, I’ve done some good paintings, but it took a tremendous amount of effort. It is very hard to get your paintbrush to do what you want it to do. Oils are very hard to work with. I do have a good sense of color. People have liked my paintings, but I never could have complete control over them that I can get with my drawings.Working with pencils, markers and pen and ink just comes more natural to me than with a paintbrush. But, I could always try again if I want.
There are so many things that we try very hard to strive for and very often it just doesn’t seem to happen for us. It doesn’t mean that we should never give up. Keep on plugging. Keep writing. People are reading our writings and we are probably helping someone somewhere in this big wide world.
Okay, maybe your business is going to take time to get off the ground and become established, but if you are committed to what you do then someday you will reap your awards and success.
Same goes for a successful blog. It just doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to grow and nurture. Don’t think for a minute that it won’t happen for you. How many times have we been told that if you are really serious about blogging that you should be prepared to invest a good 3-5 years in it and possibly more before you find that you have become successful? It takes a lot of that blood, sweat and tears that we keep spilling out in our efforts to someday get there.
We deserve it. At least the ones who keep trying regardless of what happens, what others tell us, and so on.
Who out there has had people tell them to stop doing what they love to do? I have. Even my boyfriend has told me once or twice back in the beginning that I’m wasting my time writing and blogging and working on the novels. He would rather me find a quicker way to make money. He’s pretty supportive of the Ebay selling. But he saw that I didn’t make very much money for my first novel and kind of tried to discourage me on doing any kind of writing that I love to do.
I did have to tell him that I write and do art regardless if I make any money at it or not. He now knows that this is what I was born to do and it is my biggest passion in life besides my four children and family, and that I will be doing it until the day I die or when my hands can no longer do it for me. Perhaps at that point is when I get one of those recorders.
Don’t stop doing what you love for anything. If it’s your passion, be true to it and listen to your heart. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep trying.
Quitting isn’t the answer.
Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted September 2, 2012

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  1. I think writing is a strength for you too....I read a book once but a decorated dr in the US army who quantified happiness as having a goal and having to work hard to reach it and earning maturity along the way. I think he was right.