Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who is Shopping Day after Christmas?

Christmas is officially over for yet another year and we look forward to the new year approaching, but who has decided to go out shopping today?  I'm sure the stores are filled with people yet again, but today is National Return and Exchange Day and those lines will be filled with unhappy customers waiting to be pleased with either a refund or exchange with hopes of getting what they ultimately want.  Something else.

I was never one of those people to return something after the holidays.  I've only had to return something once in a blue moon if I bought the wrong thing by accident.  Like buying the wrong printer ink, that sort of thing.  I've never needed to return an outfit because it didn't fit or that I didn't like a Christmas present and wanted something else.

Not to say that it never went to Goodwill or winded up in a yard sale at some point down the road.  That has surely happened with things I have no longer had a use for.  We all need to clean up our clutter.

But, since I got married and grew up, I just never wanted to be one to shop on the day after Christmas.  I guess it would be my memories of shopping with my Mom and Nana the day after Christmas for my childhood years.  We had to go along as we couldn't be left home by ourselves.  Mom and Nana would bring us along.  We would wait with them for what seemed like forever, while they shopped Jordan Marsh for their Christmas cards marked down, Christmas wrap marked down, ornaments marked down and on and on.....

Of course Grampy would come along too and we would sit and wait patiently with him and sometimes impatiently.  Our highlight of those days were riding the escalator and the elevator and drinking from the water fountain.  And finally we would get to go home.

I don't really like to shop at the stores if I can help it.  I don't like to venture into Walmart very much unless if there is something I really need there.  Like, I am going to have to go this next month for some new curtain rods for my curtains.  I ordered new curtains for my living room and studio to replace the sheets I nailed up.

I want to be able to open up and let some light in during the day, seeing as I will be there more often now, that I won't be at my ex husband's house during the day while the kids are at school.  So, I want to be able to have light shed into my apt so I can take my nice pictures of my set ups and other things.  Getting excited to make full use of my studio again and want my apt to look like it is actually lived in and not just a place to sleep at night.

Change is good.  And get these criminal neighbors gone will make it even better.  I'm just going to keep calling the cops and calling the cops, documenting everything before myself or someone else gets hurt or killed.  Every phone call has to get documented.  And it's going to keep these people messing with me from doing it.  They know darn well they will get nailed should anything ever happen to me because of their actions.  They would have to be fools to know that they would get 20 years, life or death sentence by doing so and my four children do not deserve that.

It's already been since October, so I am thinking it can't be too much longer before they are gone.  There's got to be a breaking point as they've been evicted.  Meaning out the door.

I've been saving all my documents, writings and artwork and photography in other places.  I just feel the need to protect my stuff, should someone decide to smash my laptop.

I'm even thinking of getting my novels on here as drafts just to save them here too.  That's a thought.  Was smart and have been sending things to all my emails too and other places, documented with the cops, friends, family, you name it.  There would be an endless trail that they wouldn't be able to erase.  Let them try.

I'm just thinking positive in this tough situation.  That's the best I or anyone can do in a hard situation.  Drown out the bad, think of the good and try not to let it get to you.  Movies, my art and writing, my children, family, friends and on and on....

I'm not going to let this disrupt my life, but I will say it is extremely hard being in the middle of it.  They aren't nice people, quite nasty to be right true to what they are.  Awful, awful people.  Why is the world filled with people like them.  They didn't even looked like they went anywhere yesterday as I went back for a little bit to deliver a chair to my studio.

Anyway, back to shopping, the White Sales must be coming up next.  I have been shopping online a little bit.  I think nowadays many people enjoy shopping right from the internet, clicks of buttons, coffee next to them, eating good food, not wasting any gas and time to get from here to there.

In this day and age, what we wouldn't give to just be able to relax as much as possible, save our gas money as it is going out the door in astronomical amounts.  Although, recently it seems like it's gone down a little bit compared to a short while ago when even the cheapest gas was $3.77 a gallon or more.

Is FACEBOOK going to be the future of our seeing our family?  Could you imagine the day when it's going to cost us $7 or more a gallon?  Distance may someday not be an option.

And we also have to know when to stop shopping.  But we can't resist these sales especially when we know we are tackling the things on our lists.  Birthdays coming up, Valentines Day, Easter......  It always seems that there is something we need to get for someone and it's great when we can find a sale on things and peg away at that.

I've already tackled this and gotten a jump on that for next year, so when the time comes, I am pretty much done.  At least for the things earlier in the year.  It is also fun to get things closer to the time too.  They always change in what they want for their birthdays.  And just when you think you got them done, then you stop and think well, maybe this is going to end up being your Christmas present instead.

Oh well, but it is fun to get great deals and save our money too in the process.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 26, 2012

This is one I think I took two summers ago in 2011, but still love it.  And we deserve roses every day in any shape or form.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Thank you for the rose and no shopping for me, giggle. thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    You won't catch me shopping the day after Christmas. I like to stay home to relax. Your rose is beautiful. I'm co-hosting this week with Katherine at Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you will stop by for a visit. Wishing you all the best in 2013.