Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why Waste the Last Days of the Year

Just a few short days to the New Year and how will you spend those last few days, hours, minutes and seconds of your precious time is truly what you make of it.

One can either waste it on idle arguments, fighting with loved ones, not doing what you had hoped you could do or you can start now and say you will no longer be this way and try to make amends.

Turning over a new leaf is just about to happen and why wait until the New Year to do it?  Start now while you are living in the moment and don't waste it on the negatives that are destined to drag you down.

Positive is the absolute best motto to have as a ritual in your life. Looking forward and making the best of any situation is vital to a great outlook on the future.  Believe me, the New Year holds lots of wonderful things, along with the things that are going to appear to turn our worlds in turmoil.

Here's to a New Year full of great things.  My January is going to be tough, but by the end of the month when those criminal neighbors are out of my life, then I can begin to completely move on and celebrate.  Jump for joy.

I don't dare to list on Ebay at the moment too much as they seem to be determined to find out my user name so they can try to find out where I someday move to.  I'm here for now, but I don't plan to make this place my final resting place.  But it's a cute little apartment for me right now.

I love being back in my studio.  I took some more time today to organize.  I like to wake up early, have my coffee and pop in a movie while I knit something.  Then I will usually come in to start my time typing.  I might decide to pull a late night tonight.  Not an up all night, but later than last night.

I finished Brooklyn's ruffle scarf.  It came out really cute.  I took some pictures.  Was having trouble uploading them as that part of laptop might be going.  I'm waiting for a new attachment to see if that will make the uploading better.

It's being finicky.  Yesterday, I put it in and immediately it gave me all the options and today it's not recognizing it's in there.  Oh well, it's bound to work sometime.  Went on to start typing this post and surprisingly after a little bit, the flaky laptop recognized that I have my options so was able to upload my photos!  Hooray!

Organizing is lots of fun.  I'm enjoying spending a little time organizing my things.  What bothers me though is that these neighbors seem to know all kinds of things inside my apt that nobody should ever even begin to know.  That really bothers me, yet I can't find anything.  They seem to know where I am putting everything and are up there talking about what I am doing and sometimes they are yelling about it.  It makes me so mad.  I'm a quiet person living alone and they just shouldn't know anything and nothing I do inside my apt should be none of their business.  Violated!!!  I'm at the library now, where I feel like I've got my privacy.  Any normal neighbor would know nothing, yet these no good people know everything.  And I'm worried about being around during their last days.  If I was on a second story, I wouldn't worry so much.  I'm writing some of this here as I want them broadcasted, should they actually follow through and kill me.  I would want the police to nail them and give them the death sentence.  Heaven forbid should it happen.  

It just makes me so angry that they should want to attempt to suppress my life, when I've got all kinds of endeavors I want to accomplish and more important, my children shouldn't be without a mother.

Well, I'm looking at some cool knitting books and will decide which ones I want to take home.  And some movies.  Sweeney Todd, Take the Lead and Water for Elephants.  I feel like watching the last one again and haven't seen the others.

I'm kind of excited about some other types of books I would like to publish.  My soup book would be fun to do.  Maybe call it something like Soups, Pasta and Crackers from My Home to Yours.  I'm an experimenter in the kitchen.  I'm not like my Mom or sister who always would follow the recipe to the exact instructions.  I just can't not add!!!!

And it's funny, before you know it I've added about fifteen to twenty ingredients to some of the soups!  

And I would at some point like to write a knitting book of some of my patterns I have created.  I'm not really sure what I would call it yet.

Pretty little knits from me to you
Headbands, Scarfs, Bracelets and more
Knitting Wish List

Well, just some ideas!!!

But the novel is the priority of course and the book on Mom.  Then there's Good Girls, Bad Girls and Red Ribbons, the sequel to Black Roses that I shouldn't leave in the dust.

That's me, all kinds of projects.  I had a 3D instructor in college who once said something about all kinds of things going on in my 3D pieces, projects got mentioned I believe.  I can't remember his exact words.  At the time, I remember it was kind of a harsh criticism, yet now I just think that is me and I'm going with it.

And they all will eventually get done, as I am dedicated to it and I do come back to everything.  Well, most everything.  There are a few craft projects that have gotten thrown out.

Have you ever tried to make something, say a Pinterest idea or some other craft you never tried and you just have to attempt and see if it's going to work for you?  I know I have many times over the years and certain things just didn't work out.  Gone down the drain, and it just wasn't vital for me.

But, back to the last days of this year.  I believe we are almost down to two. I guess we just make the most of the time we have left this year and not try to worry if not everything gets done.

I did work more on a new chapter to the novel last night, spent some time texting with my boyfriend, and called my sister and chatted.  Quill got half watched.  Oh well.  Nurse Betty was cute though.

I know soon, I will have lots of time to devote to the writing.  I think during this vacation, while I have moved my craft things, etc... from the kids house, I've been taking the time to organize my apt and get it looking the way I like it.

That's important too in a work space.  You need to have good surroundings to be inspired to do our work.  I'm an Ebay seller, and writing really is the most important work, and then knitting.  Knitting would be more of a hobby, but if I can sell that stuff too, awesome.

Enjoyed talking with a good friend today who shares my interest in knitting, so am looking forward to definitely doing some craft shows with her next year.  By then, I will be ready.

And, I'm sending her the pattern for the ruffle scarf as her grand daughter wanted her to make her one.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 29, 2012

Font looks a little different as I copied from my Evernote.

I'm going to make more of these.  They look awesome.  I think I will try to make the pattern different this time, so I can include it in my knitting book.


  1. How great - a knitting book. I can't knit. I'm just no good at it but I love all knitted things....maybe my resolution should be to sit down and finish a knitting project.

    Happy New Year Jennifer. I bet 2013 holds lots of good things for you!

  2. Hey Jen! They're moving!! I know that will be so good for you and I'm excited for you (: I got myself a sewing machine for Christmas, right now I'm working on a few barbie doll projects for my daughters dolls, preparing for the day I can sew her dresses and skirts. I'm teaching myself as I go. You keep doing what your doing lovely, I have a feeling 2013 holds some surprises for you!! Bless you honey and everything you do. xxx