Monday, July 29, 2013

Ravelry Fun

Okay, once again I have spent another fun filled morning at Ravelry, a small amount on Facebook and am now here to write a post before the HTC battery stops.  This is when we know we have to recharge soon. 

I'm addicted to Ravelry.  Where is my addicted button to tack onto my shirts?  Or maybe its a bumper sticker I'm requiring.  Seems I spent a long time there again.

This time, I found myself cleaning up the favorites, weeding out the ones I don't end up wanting to make or that I do not want to buy the patterns after all.  I cleaned it up and am down to two pages of my favorites.

Probably won't buy all of them, but they are in the favorites to look at.  You know, inspiration.  Then, I went toy library for awhile and downloaded a bunch of my patterns into my tablet.  I'm sure I've got them stored in other places, but what I like about the tablet is its small and compact, you don't have to fire up an old cheap laptop to get to the patterns. 

I then started looking at the skirt patterns.  Right now I'm working on a skirt pattern and want to be inspired for new ones.  Ending now before the tablet dies and I can't publish this one. 

Jennifer Jo FayCopyrighted July 28, 2013

My skirt is a stockinette stitch taupe and pink skirt.  I want to make a pretty lace one after to go with leggings. 

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