Friday, October 4, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It is so true that laughter is the best medicine to take and boy was it fun this morning.  For those of you who don't listen to Jamie and Chantal in the morning on 95 triple X, you should.  That is if your radio stations can pick it up.

They had me in stitches this morning as he was reading excerpts from Dinosaur porn.  Well, he began talking about Fifty Shades of Grey and then went onto Dinosaurs, Jurassic park and all kinds of funny stuff. 

Just imagine Jamie reciting an excerpt while you hear Chantal laughing.  I think there must be an actual book series they were talking about and they said maybe the sales would go up today.

I had to call them up to tell them, they made my day as I could not stop laughing in my living room.

Speaking of more laughter, I got three Styrofoam mannequins yesterday and last night was drawing on them.  The last one took the longest and I was writing a comic plot for a novel I have yet to write about.

Not actually sure of my title, but Loreena Lob it Off possibly.  It would be my very first vampire/werewolf love story.  I probably should change the girls name as its close to, was it Loretta?  The woman who actually did it to Bobbit. 

Anyway, my mind was truly in the gutter last night and I got laughing to myself as I created a possible name for my werewolf.  Rusty Horn.  Yeah, you can just imagine where my mind went to.

I was playing around with a name dice app and got it.  Then I got laughing later on another name the dice whipped out.  Wong.  Don't begin to ask me where I was going with that one.

I also had to laugh as I was texting my sister.  We were talking about the mannequins and I think I said something about a mysterious mannequin killer to which she had to respond, mannequins aren't alive and she knew she spelled mannequin wrong.  Laughed and told her I don't know where I was going with that one!!!

Hmm...  a mannequin who comes alive in the night to drink her red velvet coffee????  Well..... anyhoot.

Hmm...  should I put that on my grocery list???  I've tried it before and its not bad.  What would our world be without coffee???  Walking Dead Chapter 100!!!!

I'm on a Halloween kick with these mannequins.  I might try drawing them sometime too.  On paper. 

Not quite sure what the next knitting project is going to be yet.  I've still got the doll outfits on my list and I've got a white shawl to finish.  And I found myself making a thimble sized hat for my girls Littlest Pet shop animals.  I need to bind it off.

And I'm packing.  I'm just hoping everything goes smoothly with no problems with my jerk neighbors on my way out of their neighborhood.  I'm moving and they are to leave me alone!!!  Thank God!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

 Copyrighted October 4, 2013

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