Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, Monday

Dah, dah, Monday, Monday!!!  Another beginning to a new week.  Sometimes Monday's can be a drag and other weeks Monday can simply kickstart us on another creative adventure.  Getting the day started right is truly up to you.

We are heading into November which also gets us into is it NaNoRi???  month.  National see if we all can finish a novel in a month!!!!  Can it be done?  Yes it can as we hear of so many authors pumping out their creative voices that have been festering in their heads and they diligently make themselves just do it.

I am so looking forward to November when I can get back into writing without nasty neighbors hacking.  I won't have the new laptop yet, but at least I can get back into it.  I'm wishing November first was today!!!  I'm packed just about as much as I can be am just waiting for moving day.  I'm sure it will go smoothly.  I just want to get everything up there then I can unpack at my leisure.

Can hardly wait for my secure internet so I can get back to writing and earning on Triond too.

It's beginning to get cold as I could feel it this morning and my extra layers of blankets are packed in my car.  Hmm....  leggings projects to wear double layers over my socks??  ha ha. 
I havent mastered making socks yet.  Maybe I should just make the leggings and knit a mitten top at the bottom.  Jennifer style!!!

My girls are getting more accessories for their Littlest Pet Shop characters.  I bent a needle a little bit making one.  Smaller than size one needles.

I'm thinking if I try to do cables for the small doll stuff, I'm going to need to search for a smaller size cable needle or get inventive.  A safety pin may suffice.

Knitters have to have tricks up our sleeves.

It's also funny how out of the blue you see someone you haven't seen in a long time. 

I still hate Lana Del Rays song and every time it comes on I turn it off.  So don't like how an asshole referenced it to me.  No offense to any singer, but a song about suicide is going to get turned off by me.  Not that their singing isn't good.  They are very creative and it sounds nice.  I just don't believe in suicide.  It got brought up recently very briefly with my girls as the older one was talking about me dying.  Don't know why she brought it up, but I told her I am not dying anytime soon.  Planning on 100, subtract ten years because of the chips!!!

I think she meant, because she was thinking of my mother.  She never met her, and maybe my girls could be worrying that I could get cancer as well.  She said she was thinking of my mom.  I told my girls they would have loved my mom.  She was always so much fun and she loved a party.  I remember a story she once told me about how when we were little we used to go to my Aunt Mary's house and after we went to sleep they used to have a grand old time.  For some reason part of the story was about them running around outside of my great aunts house.  I'm sure some drinking involved.

One New year, she tried to climb onto the doorknob as my uncle was leaving for the night.  I miss her every day.

Well, hmm...  thinking about what I'm going to do next.  I'm working on a doll shawl for my Ellowynne doll and then some other doll outfits.  Maybe I will just knit doll outfits for my future grandkids until moving day.  And maybe fit in a headband or another small project. 

I was skimming through some Country Living magazines this weekend and kind of got thinking up some new ideas for Loreena Lob It off.  My future novel about my vampire angel chasing badmen. I got thinking that she may need some cats!!!  Vampire cats!!!  I got laughing as I thought up their names!!!! I won't tell you as I wouldn't want to spoil it.  Just know I was laughing to myself. 

I would probably be proof that you don't need a man in your life to have a full life.  Although it would be nice, and when I'm ready there could be one.  I feel that having time to figure out who you are is very important.  I can be by myself, knit, listen to good music, sing to it, dance to it and to be able to laugh to myself about things is a good feeling.

I'm waiting for them to play Soul Sister again!!!  I heard it play one night, started dancing around my rooms, boogying, twirling, waving the arms and towards the end, let's just say I came close to falling into my rocking chairs.

Last night three of my fav songs came on in a row.  I want to be a billionaire, Marry Me and then Beyonces Single woman.  Okay, I got up on hers and danced like hell, raising my arms and laughing thru the whole song.  I'm just about to be a completely single woman next month when my divorce is final.  I miss the good times, not the bad.

But, he's the father of my children and I am thankful to him for that every day.  I finally figured out I can stick my memory cards into my printer!!  Kid pictures!!!  And I got their school pictures!!!  Awesome!!!

I also love Demons song by. Imagine Dragons.  I love the part where it says your eyes shine so bright.  When I hear that part, I think about how my kids eyes shine so bright.  Love it.  But Is rather sing, let you know instead of let you go.

Getting ready to head home and am praying I see no sign of breaking and entering.  A few days ago, they gave me three signs they broke in again while I was out.  Real creepy.  It makes me mad.  I better never see any man in my apt when I get back. 

Counting down my days to moving day.  Under two weeks now.  I will love it when next Monday comes and it will just be a few more days to wait.  Patience is a virtue.  My mom always used to say that to me.  I've got a whole lot of patience and I know it will get here.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 2013

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