Monday, October 21, 2013

Good names for your characters

Was thinking about my ideas for Loreena Lob it off and where it's too close to Lorena and the John bobbit case, I'm going to change her first name.  And after reading that his thingie got reattached, I'm going to have to have my vampire angel do something else to the bad men.  Maybe her werewolf lover can do something to them too.

Maybe Lolita lob it off would be better. Or another name that starts with l.  Loreena seemed to be my first thought just because I've been angry with my nasty neighbors and I've been knowing I've got to change it.

But,  soon I've got to first finish The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy.  I've been thinking I might even want to pursue that one longer than a trilogy.  It may have potential to really get in depth of each character.

I lived a saying recently that said along the lines that as a writer, everything that happens to you in life is a resource.  So true.

I'm on my iPod now, the tablet needs to be charged again!!!  Wouldn't it be a great goal to see if we could write a novel each month?  When I move that may be a good incentive to see if I could remotely reach that!!!  Not sure, but I will try my damnedest.  This year just wasn't good for writing like I wanted to.  Became very hard with the jerks hacking my stuff.  2014 will be a good writing year.  Hopefully, I will actually get something published!!!

Isn't it funny when we are writing, we are already thinking up ideas for new novels.  I tell you, I'm the girl always wanting to do lots of different things.  That's just me.  I can't just have one project.  I guess that's why as a writer, we should keep writing down our thoughts as we never know where it will take us.

And as a writer it could take us on a sweet romance, a dive into the world of magic and fantasy where anything goes, or we may fall down a dark hole into something really creepy or perhaps even sad.

And as a fiction writer, it's fiction.  Real life incorporated as we write about what we know, yet at the same time we can create characters that aren't us at all.  But as the writer it is our right to do so.

Just thinking of a poem I got creative with once.  It's published on one of the writing sites.  It's a story poem I made up about a girl who broke up with a boyfriend and she wanted to drown in the ocean.  I believe I even put at the bottom that its a made up poem and it isn't me.

What I'm saying is that as a writer, we can write about any character and it shouldn't be looked at that its what the author is in real life.  Meaning if you find your brother is writing a grisly murder mystery, don't go thinking the worst that its going to happen in real life.  Not that I would ever write about a suicidal person.  I don't want to because I don't believe anyone should ever commit suicide.  I do love writing mysteries though and who knows, there could at any given time be a novel that could have a character that may think it.  It's just a fiction story.  When writing mysteries, we have to think of plots and motives.  That is usually something that can be in a murder mystery.  Just saying.

But as always across the board, this gal is never going to be a suicide.  I turn up one, please hunt down my murderers and all involved.

Anyway, I sure hope I can pump out a novel each month maybe as soon as next month even if I end up handwriting it first!!!  Just do it should always be our goal!!!

So many ideas, so little time.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 2013

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