Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Yard sale hurrah

Hard to believe we are almost halfway through October and there are still yard sales going on.  The weather is beautiful today and yes, I've been to a few.  Something must be telling me about my finds.  A nice three pack of writing paper and some books.  Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. 

I'm going to attempt to read them sometime.  I'm in reading mode, whipped through a vampires, monsters encyclopedia and am reading a fiction novel.  Ancient deities in it.

I've borrowed some Greek Mythology books from the library as my oldest is thinking of archaelogy.  So mom is talking about Gods and Goddesses with him.  Fun.

Some of the stories in that vampire book would curl your nose hairs.  Good lord, the ancient history is horrid.  I guess we really can't stop all the violence in the world ever because its been going on since time began.

Looking forward to my move and hope it goes smoothly.  It can't get here fast enough.

I want to see no Real Asses in my apt ever.  Any apt.

I think the pad of writing paper is telling me I need to get back to writing.  As soon as the move gets here, that's what I'm doing.  I told my sister when I get my new laptop I am write, write writing, publishing, publishing, publishing.  She said "Don't forget about your Dad.".

Of course not.  But, I've told her that's my priority to write.  It's not a hobby.  It's trying to make a career out of it.  And if it doesn't work out, ok, I look for something I wouldn't be as happy doing.

But my goals and dreams are to have more self published books and a decent living doing it like all the other writers achieving their goals.  I'm not going to have anyone trying to crush my dreams.

And I'm going to let NO Pig, Rob me of everything.

Which includes my beautiful girls and handsome sons someday getting married.  I washed down a pretty mirror this morning tthinking of how beautiful my girls would be looking into it for pictures.  its one of those long oval mirrors on a stand.

Thinking of doing some doll outfits soon with my little needles.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 10, 2013

A daisy near my favorite library. 

 Flowers outside my favorite knitting shop, Kaleidoscope Yarns.  And their mannequin inside.  A beautiful sweater or shawl was hanging against the window and I loved how the sun hit the openwork.

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