Thursday, October 24, 2013

Waiting for good things

How patient are you for things you want to come your way?  Does it sometimes seem like eternity or is it like clockwork?  it does get here.  Counting down the days is a beautiful thing.  For many of us, it is the approaching trick or treat night.  What are you going to dress up as?

I can hardly wait to take pictures of my girls and one of my sons.  The oldest isn't going.  I want pictures and some candy.  Reeses peanut butter cups, junior mints, kit cats and nestle crunch please.  I'm going to raid their candy bowl!!! 

I haven't decided if I'm trick or treating with them.  Maybe I will go up as far as the house that always puts out coffee and treats.  I'm a little apprehensive for the night before my move from my haunted hellhole.  Blank, blank, blank out.  Keep out!!!  Leave me alone.  Stop stalking and anything that goes along with how terrible they have treated me.

Just call me the unlucky girl to have uncovered something not good.  Wish I had never, ever moved in.  But, we can't change the past and as a writer it is our right to pull from our resources for use in our fiction.

So if I choose to write about a girl going into witness protection, the mafia, high stakes poker, and everything that goes with that, in my The Price of being a Good Samaritan, it is my right to do so and its fiction.  Or should that be the last book I write and publish?  I'm afraid to write that one.

Well, I decided to try making fingerless gloves!  Mastered how to make the thumb!!  Maybe I should try gloves and socks in the future!  I made three pairs so far.  My daughter wanted one pair, one to sell and now I'm working on one for me.  I think I will try to make one more with this cool brown yarn I got at a yard sale.

I'm enjoying knitting with it.

The fun fur yarn for my edge is kind of a pain to work with. 

I was trying to win $100 on the radio contest, yesterday.  Go figure, they said to listen up for the Taylor Swift song and be caller fifteen.  What do I do, but listen to the whole song and I've forgotten its her singing.

Then I'm to listen for Royal and my fingers are fast but I can't get through.  Oh well.  One of these times, you never know.

I'm passing on their tickets to the haunted house show in downtown.  I'm already in one.

I saw a picture of a rotary phone on FB yesterday, about how hard it was to be caller 20.  Thought of my mom practically tripping to run for the phone.  Bless her soul, she won a few times.

I won $500 once and we got the kids first puppy golden retriever.  We gave him up one year as he was taking away my time with my young kids and they were afraid of him.  But Sparky supplied us with some fun laughs.  My kids were wondering if he was still alive.  If he is, he's very old.  Probably thirteen.

One year, he escaped into the front yard and my oldest sons friends were jumping up on top of the camper!!  Sparky was so excited.  Another time I came close to breaking my thumb on his collar when he got excited to see one of the moms coming to pick up her son.

Countless number of times when he would burst through the gate to jump onto the couch where the kids were. 

 The worst was when we gave him up, the new owner came to take him away.  Two of my kids were playing with him beforehand and I made the mistake of telling one of my daughter's to go say goodbye to Sparky. 

Just vision me making supper, my daughter rushing out crying, Don't take my dog and the new owner saying, Good one, Mom!!  Wasn't funny at the moment but looking back it was kind of funny.

All parents put their feet in their mouths sometimes.  Just don't go to bed with it gnawing at you.  Try to fix it if you can before falling to sleep and know that its in the past and move on.  We can't go back and fix our mistakes.

 And always keep close to your heart that you are not your past.

Keep plugging away for all our sweet tomorrows.  Life is just too short and we cannot predict when our time on earth is up.

I just pray I have another fifty five to sixty years.  That would put me over one hundred.  Anyone want to try to reach 150???  We would be all gums and eating applesauce.

My ex does a good impression to my kids of a man that age, with all gums and his cane, etc...  He did it last night and it was funny.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 2013

 here's the glove in process.  This little yard sale pad is good for letting me remember what row I stop on.  Why invest in a row counter when we can just as easily jot a quick note.  I do have the freebie apps for knitting counters but I don't always use them.

We should try to keep alive the old fashioned handwriting and the lost art of letter writing.  Let's not let go of our histories and long ago legacies.  I'm going to later read from some of the old classics and see if I learn something.

Each new dawn is a learning experience.  Seize the day.  Carpe diem.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

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