Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thanksgiving can be a time to be happy with what you have or it can also be a day to grin and bear it.

I got a prelude to how mean people can be when a few days ago I knocked on an neighbors door to someone I hadn't seen in a while.  Something told me I shouldn't have knocked to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving and an oh, I moved.

Her boy came after I buzzed, said Jennifer's here and then I heard her and she was rude and didn't come to the door out of politeness, I can't talk, I'm busy.

Being polite should be very important.  Even if you are busy, you should at least answer the door.  And then you should not talk about the person when you're within ear shot at the swings and walk right by the person you have just talked mean about and she could hear you.  Rude.

Anyway, enough.  I'm sick and tired of mean people.  I can hardly wait to just spend some quality time with my kids tomorrow.  And then they are headed to their grammars house.  Get what you can when you are divorced.  And be lucky for any time at all because there are people out there who have nobody.  And they are Still happy some of them.

I gave some cans of food today that will go to someone in need and I'm happy too as it gave me a discount on my windshield.  And I was like a lost kitty cat ha ha this morning and went to the wrong place and then accidentally took the back roads to the right place!  I got there and its done.  And good thing I called for scheduling my car inspection as they are booked!  I'm scheduled and will be glad when its done!!!

Nobody likes to get it done.  We go in hoping they find nothing wrong.  Sorry, mamm, your fender needs fixing and your radiator hmm.....  just an example.

And I'm hoping for that laptop so I can get busy!!!!
. I've seriously got to get finishing my stuff and pray nobody has plagiarized me like they threatened.  its unfinished and it wouldn't be right if any of my mean neighbors hacked my stuff and published because they could do it faster than me.

And I've got worries of them hunting me down if I write any tidbit of what they did to me in my Fiction!!!  Just all around mean, cruel and horrible.

And I'm praying nobody will break into my apt anymore, but I will know it if they do.  Like I said, I'm meticulous, organized and I know when they have broken in.  I've got a strong suspicion of who it is, but I don't have the 100% proof.  But I've recognized them from the old place and I don't like it.  Someone has a bunch of my knitting magazines.  A family member made me upset on that.  She couldn't believe it and I told her, hey some of my knitting magazines are gone and hey, I know it.
 And I inventoried the ones I have, counted them regularly and oh, one day I've got 36 instead of 35????  I had 35 and Cast On was not there.  She did a reversal and brought one back!!!!  I did not inventory it and I did it slowly and carefully.  You do not break and enter to move my things around on me, take my things, take nothing but you are just in my place or to bring something back.  if you are returning something you stole, put it outside my front door please.

From the old place, someone still has my trouseau dishes, some China, my Bella swan ring, two sets of silverware leaving me with a few pieces, Black Swan without the case, a Library case, True Women, case never returned, found the movie later but case NOT, a brown notebook with my drawing on the cover (handmade), had some venting in it and a few names too for my protection, and other stolen items.  Nobody has a right to break and enter someone else's apt.  Get out!!!!

Thank god I haven't seen a man in my apt when I get back yet.  I say yet, because the threats have been made and I have to always watch my back as I'm not sure when it may happen.  I won't have a fighting chance against a man.  I don't like one of the mean neighbors had said at one point, "No lock will keep me out."  That has scared me and I hope I never see that man ever again.

Is it now, after I've gotten my laptop and you think I'm a threat when I write and publish???  or is it at another time when I least expect it???

And I have every right to lash out as the victim, horridly in my venting journals and a little bit here.  I've got the worry that a man may erase all my stuff and hmm...  maybe I only have this blog as my protection???
. And police statements, etc....  I don't want any man to get away with murder and force me to be a suicide.  I don't choose it ever!!!!!

I get that new laptop and I'm protecting my venting notes.  They are absolutely the most horrid thing ever.

I just do not like what I'm uncovering.  People shouldn't live in glass houses.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 24, 2013

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