Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Weather Setting in

Okay, suddenly we've got snow!
  I now am finding myself wearing those finger less gloves but wish I knitted a cover for the fingertips!!  And a cold car that needs the heating fixed!!!

I was wonder woman last week and got the rest of my things in my new place and everything is where I want it.  Unfortunately, the stalking problem hasn't gone away.  I've got a horrible stalker, have recognized a black witch and a white who have moved into an apt right underneath me and they are not welcome.

I'm still having break-ins and they are moving more things of mine around.  The most recent unhappy thing I discovered on coming back yesterday is someone had fun dotting eight of my kids school pictures with a red marker and now I can't give them to a few of my relatives.  Really mean, and it has prompted me to bring my paper doll box of finished sets with me for fear someone would dot those so I can't sell copies to people on my Etsy shop in the future.

Really maddening that I've got to worry about all my hard work.  I naturally can't bring everything with me all the time.  I've got to pray some witch doesn't break in and mark my drawings and photos to hell.

Why do we have mean people???

I have every right to have someone arrested.  I hope to god that happens.  I should change my locks but sometimes no lock can keep out the lunatics.

Anyway, onto going to see my kids.  I'm still knitting things and waiting patiently for the laptop after my car gets tended to.  I learned how to make one of those turban headbands.  All you need to do is to at the middle, knit one ore two stitches, put six stitches to a cable needle, knit six stitches then the six on needle,then knit the last two.  The pattern I am going by is primarily stockinette stitch but I bet it would be pretty with other patterns.

I should do another drawing soon.  Maybe one of my mannequins.

Just settling into my new place and loving it despite the trouble.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 13, 2013

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