Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm going to try and post as soon as possible.  I have been delayed with a tremendous problem.

I moved into my new apt on Friday and my movers ditched me in the afternoon, were only going to bring my furniture, except for the heavy couch.  Understandable. 

Three men brought the first load up my eight flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor.  Then they went back with my key for the next load.  They brought the next load up and were done.  They had a fourth guy with them.  They took a while to get back.

I lugged my things up all the flights, elevator wasn't working.  I got back to apt to see they left a good amount of my furniture.  Broke one of my mothers dishes.  Broke my alarm on my clock, tossed my pictures on the floor.  They put all my kids baby toys, Bun-bun, and my first pictures I took in my growing up days in a garbage bag along with some dried up leaves!!!!!

When I got back, The elevator was working.  Had my ex help me get my things out of the old apt to his porch and mudroom.  So, bear with me because I've been getting all my things into my apt.  And this morning the elevator wasn't working as something short circuited.  Lugging again.  And within an hour or longer its working again.

I'm going to get everything up there and then I may not trust the elevator.

My legs ans arms are sore, but I will do it.  I had a lot of things at my exs and am now thinking I may have just a few more loads, the furniture last.  Most of it light. 

I'm going to call myself Super Woman after this.

I know I've got my Mom with me every step of the way.  I also believe that we have a thousand angels behind our backs.  Our invisable wings are there.  And when you need an angel the most, you will hear one tell you what you need to do.  You never know when you
will hear one.

And no bird should ever be forced into a birdcage.  Why do we keep them in a cage?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 2013

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