Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Calm before the Snow

Another good day with my kids.  And enjoying talking with a new friend.  She's taking on the task of cleaning out the clutter in my kids house.

Needless to say some things are coming back to me.  I'm sentimental and my girls haven't acquired that fully yet.  They do get sentimental, but they are the age of any kid who doesn't end up using something it gets lost in the shuffle.

My new friend gave me a few of their blankets they used to have on their beds and I told her they will be good for down the road when my kids and perhaps their kids can all camp out at my place.  Here's extra blankets for the kids sleeping bags, etc.

Or for me right now as extra padding for my back.

That's why something's should wait for when your kids are older and they will understand the value of keeping certain things more.

I fished out some of their notebooks and journals they didn't want anymore.  One of my daughter's was priceless.  I opened it up one evening to find a bunch of little paper doll drawings she had done of that Alice character from the Alice Magee Video game.  Yes, she comes with a knife, but regardless, it was a treasure to see the drawings she did.  And my stuff will be on the unwritten pages.

It's cold today and I'm not looking forward to snow.  Tomorrow is supposed to be really cold.  I've got a little further to walk now and will have to get inventive with how I carry things in.  Hmmm....  I confiscated Julia's rolling luggage.  A orange seventies flower power one that got kicked out to their garage.  That may aid Mommy with getting my groceries in.

Praying I don't sprain my ankle this year as it really did a number to my left knee.  Let's not get the cane yet!!!  I thought of it one day bringing one of those little gold poles in.  You know the kind you can rig up a puppet theater in a door with!!  I made one once for my kids and I had one growing up.  My Grammys friend had made one for me and my siblings.  The one I did has hersheys candy on it and perhaps popcorn.

My kids used to jump through the window of it.

Well, today Jake, my downs child, got treated to me singing Katy Perry's Roar!  I think he thought it was funny I knew the whole song!!!  Ha ha.  He's a good boy.  All my kids are good kids and I'm proud of them.  I told my new friend in part of a conversation that I'm the type of Mom that would let my kids be anything they want to be and if they want to reach for the moon, let them.

And my oldest was having fun with a new game, something like D & D and was playing online with his friend.

And one of my girls was ready for a sleepover with a friend.  I had to laugh at all the things she wanted to bring.  Of course her Dad didn't want her bringing it all and I almost thought she wasn't going to go to the sleepover.  But I had to say to my new friend, Like Mother, like daughter packing everything but the kitchen sink!!!!!  Ha ha ha.

Packing for trips to Maine was a feat for me.  Packing everything the kids and I would need and then some.  And then there would be my doing bag or should I say bags???  I was a passenger and got to knit or write on the way or on the way back.  And at that time didn't know how to gas the car.

On another thought, my Nana never learned how to drive a car.

I could feel a little for my daughter as I knew she wanted to share her playthings with her friend, but ha ha we do need to realize that its too much and she would forget something.

Hoping to get back to my place with nothing moved on me and no sign of break ins.

Like my phone calls, maddening as hell and I need to turn my radio on again.  Some girl made fun of a song I sang to my Dad one day and the next day I could hear her singing it and making fun.  I thought it was mean.  She's nameless, but it was mean of her to sing my song.

I need my locks changed as soon as I can get my car taken care of, within a week or a little more.  Maybe sooner.  I love the glass company for my windshield is having a special!!!  Bring in five cans of food and shave off!!!  After this, I will never again let broken windshield wipers slide.  Scratches the windshield.  Live and learn, huh.

My mover's had ditched me!  They caused me a tremendous problem for me and an ordeal to my legs!!!

Yesterday was a day spent cutting out more yo to circles from the yard sale fabric over the summer.  Then at one point, the witch started singing, Crazy by Pasty Cline and I turned on the damn radio, found a non French station and drowned her out.   The station with John Tesh and Delilah.  And Christmas Music!!!  Yay!!!

 Still want to see if I can pull in Ninety five Triple X.  I miss my Jamie and Chantal in the morning and the cool new songs the kids like.

Knitted up some of those dish clothes one day and am working on a pink cotton scarf using a pretty fern lace pattern.

Long for that new laptop too, maybe December.  First things first.  Which includes a fixed car and a trip to Maine to see my Dad.  And I've got a copy of The Heat for him, my sister and I to watch together.  I still say he needs a Sandra Bullock poster on his wall!!!

Hmm....  maybe he needs me to do a drawing of her and I'll frame it for him some year!!!!  He will never have another woman.  His woman went down in history as My Best Mom Ever!!!!!!!!!  His one and only.  His Wonder Woman, his Cheryl Tiegs, his Sandra Bullock!!!!

Got to get back to writing!!!!!!  Even if just hand writing for a little bit longer!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 2013

A pretty girl's skirt.

This mannequin is on top of the little sewing bench I want to redo.  Maybe tomorrow's project!!!  So many things I love to do.  2014 is going to be a good year!!!  My goal should at least get one of the books published and maybe more.

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