Thursday, February 27, 2014

Clean up your Clutter

March is just around the corner and is the official clutter cleaning beginning.  Although we want to clean out our unwanted things year round, it seems that March and April are the official spring cleaning months.  Typical.

I had a cleaning day a few weeks ago and it sure felt good to weed out some things I didn't need.  Was kind of looking to see if there were anymore items I didn't need, last night but kind of felt that there wasn't any for the moment.

I'm the type who as I see something I really don't need, I begin a small grocery bag that will either be a potential Goodwill bag or possibly something I could sell on Ebay.

What about the clutter on your tablets, Ipods, laptops or any other electronic you possess?  I've been doing this with my HTC and my ipod for the last week.  Last summer and fall, I went install happy on the Play Store getting tons of free photo apps, drawing apps, etc...  I paid for a few of them, but most were the countless freebies we can get.

I had three to five Majong tiles games and I hardly find myself playing them.  I ended up just going through my numerous apps and cleaning up the ones I don't really need.  Or also the apps that take up more space and I'm not using.

Also, the majority of the photo apps seem to do the similar thing, so hmm...  why have a ton of them?  I still have a lot, so should do some more weeding.  And the photos I take, use up a good amount of storage space, so I should weed those out some more.  We should upload pictures often to laptops and then be saving them to zip drives, etc...  so we have them in other places.  

Keep things clean.  Same with organizing your house or apt, is a constant battle of making sure everything has a place.  Not that we go to things all the time, but it's good to know where our things are when we need to use them.  I like to have a particular place for everything.

We've all been there, where we are looking for something, can't find it and we search until we are numb.  Like the car keys, the phone and a countless other things.  When the moment at hand arrives, where the hell is it????????????????????????????????????????

How about the email clutter?  By which, I should be going there later today and doing some clean up!!

Maintaining clutter can either be an easy task or one where you wish you could just drop everything, pick up a bag of snack food and leave the room to a comfy couch.  Right??  I think it's a good thing to practice good clean up on a daily basis and then when it comes time to really tackle something, you are not going to face that mountain of paper work or the sloping laundry pile.

Taking care of it in the moment will reduce the junk and your stress will be less.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted February 27, 2014

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