Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekends are Made to be fun

Another weekend is here and it seems like this month flew by so fast.  One more week to go and we can look forward to more Spring like weather.  My Dad always mentions Spring Training is coming.

It was sort of cool to see some rain to wash away the snow on the ground.  Not that it's flip flop weather yet, right!!  That will come up later on and will fast approach.  It seems like as the years fly by, it just goes so fast.

Anyway, the weekends are a fun time to relax and get things done if you need to.  I spent part of this morning kind of organizing some of my supplies.  Many of us can tend to have things scattered, a little bit of this here and there.

I'm slowly trying to get all my things in one spot.  Well, I've got more than several containers that hold certain supplies so it takes time to organize.

I was looking through my markers today, getting them all contained together while finding other assortments of things.  Like my swan swizzle-rs that belong in the kitchen in with my markers.  And I hunted down the rest of my regular pens.

I taped more celebrities and writers names to my pens and was searching for more of my regular writing pens to do this to.  That can be a fun thing and it's so simple to do.  All I was using was the paper from a sticky note pad, writing down my favorite names with a black fine tip marker, and then just taping them onto the pen.

That could also be a fun kid activity.  You don't have to stick to sticky note paper.  Maybe you have some cool scrap booking paper or you could have the kids use plain paper and then decorate with markers or colored pencils.

Another fun kid activity is decoupage.  Gather cool pictures your kids would like to use, other cool paper supplies, paper punches, glitter, markers, and some modge podge.  Today, I was doing some decoupage on a brown glass jar, a metal lid to a jelly jar for a magnet, and some other small thoughts on collage.

Kids love to do activities like that.  If you have boys, you could gather alligator pics, dump trucks, cool rocking cars, and lots of other things.  Have colored pencils, crayons and maybe kid friendly tempera paints that will wash off.  If they want to get real messy, don't forget to grab their favorite smock.  And if they want to do it on the floor, a drop cloth.

I cut a piece of a larger photography fabric for my drop cloth for projects and maybe eventually I will have a splotched up painted background for pictures.

Or maybe your child would like to draw on clothespins.  I used markers and just played around with it for a minute or too.  You could get your unused nail polish for this as well.  I just made two for hmm...  someday playing dolls with grand kids, we're gonna hang the laundry out to dry like the old days.

I don't care if I have girls or boys for grand children, we're playing dolls.  It will be all pretty things if they are girls and if they are boys, there will be boy doll clothing for boy dolls and cool match box cars and dump trucks.  Whatever any grand child turns out to be, we accept them with open arms.

I was singing with my Down Syndrome child yesterday and it was to a song from an Old Kids Bop 2.  Something about tomorrow in a verse and then next verse, I'll be there for you.  I kept singing that to Jake and he and I were having fun singing and laughing.  Of course Mom was doing funny movements with her head and her feet to make him laugh, adding to the fun.

I've got to get posting here more.  I tend to be offline doing things more lately and I get caught up in what I'm doing offline, whether knitting, writing, collage or another things that has me momentarily in process.

Last weekend, I had to set the knitting aside for a little bit and just write.  Whoops, I'm forgetting I already wrote about that!  Well, yesterday was writing day!  Again!  I've got to do it more often is the thing.  Just make myself.

As to which, later today, I've got to type up my new chapters.  It should take a while as I've got about 32 pages.  However, that's handwritten and it will of course be less typed up.

Managed a few pages this morning to the memoirs/writing process book.  I think that would be interesting for my kids to someday read their Mom's memoirs.  Not that I want to report every miniscule detail, but it would be cool to look back or even read it myself.

I could say, "Well, I guess I was more active on Tuesday than I was on Monday.  This last Monday was spent nursing a migraine and the possible 24 hour flu.  No fun.  Nothing got done that day.

I'm trying to get up earlier and like it.  Back to the 6AM schedule.  And a coffee cut back!!!  Me and my coffee with my sugar!

Don't we all hate it when we maybe happen to sleep an hour late and you feel like it's an hour wasted when we could have been doing something.

I'm going to spend a little time getting the gray shawl larger.  I've got the large cone of yarn I want to finish it off with this project which will make the shawl quite large when done.  I got thinking it's so soft cotton, it would also be a cool baby blanket for photographing my future grand kids.  Or if it possessed me, I could make the shawl like a wrap a round skirt and pin it with some cool pins and of course over leggings or pants.  Or an i-cord tie would do the trick too as I've got eyelet holes on the edging.

My edging is a garter stitch with an eyelet pattern.  Any knitters hate doing stockinette stitch for a pattern and have both the sides roll up on you?  It bugs me to no end depending on the project and I like a garter stitch border to keep it from doing that.

And yesterday, I found myself creating a knitting notebook out of an old high school notebook of my ex husband's brother's old girlfriend's.  Whoa....  let me say that tongue twister fast!  Not!

Then, I glued and collage the cover last night.  Partly thinking if my daughter discovered I claimed back a notebook she wasn't using, she may get mad if she recognizes Mom is using it.  May have been in the trash anyway, but you know kids even though they haven't used something in a while, they still want it.

Mom got crafty and covered part of it!  I'm thinking with some of the pretty notebooks my girls didn't want, they have lots of them as it is, I'm going to do cool things with them and someday down the road my girls will get their notebooks back with notes in them filled by Mom.  Along with collage pics with their pictures in it.
On the inside, I glued some Martha Stewart hearts from paper punches and wrote down each of their birthdays.

Another cool idea, not mine.  I was listening to my local radio station and one of the girls on the show mentioned a cool thing to give your kids.

What you do is set up an e-mail address for them.  Fill it with cool things.  Mementos, time lines, etc...  and when they turn 18, you give them the address with the password.  I'm not sure if I will do it, but I think it's a neat idea.

So, if you have extra time this weekend, that could be a fun project for yourself to begin.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted February 22, 2014

going, my thumb is getting numb from typing for some reason.

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