Friday, March 21, 2014

Formatting and other things

I learned something new about formatting for which it pumped up my book to 310 pages instead of 265.  I figured out that the font has to be a basic one like, Arial, Times New Roman or Garamond and the size should be 12.  I was using 11 which made for more words on the page.

Most e-books are that size. I've been reading Publish It, by Adam I forget his last name.  Ha ha.  It's a good book, reads well seems easy to figure out.  Verses I started to read a different book and the whole formatting process in it has me confused.  More on an intellect computer geek level.

Kindle pictures cannot be more than 127 KB.  Just a few tidbits that seemed useful.  I know you can have your word docs formatted at Amazon, but it comes with a warning it may not be the perfect ebook.  I'm wondering if mine may pass though as I don't copy and paste from lots of different files.  It is all done in one file.

Who knows.  I don't know the logistics of html.  But, I'm willing to give it a stab and learn some.

Next to get my knitting pdfs uploaded to Ravelry.  I finished that skirt pattern and a headband one for sale with Ravelry.  The headband is a bobble one.  For which next headband pattern I create will not have bobbles because I've done enough of them for the time being.

Hoping for more sales.  I noticed one girl had her older headband pattern right in the front and am guessing she must pay for an ad to have her stuff run right in the beginning of the new patterns section.

I had a request for a McChicken from my daughter.  She gave me her money and I have delivered.  Ha ha.  Good thing Mom wasn't hankering for one too or I could have hmmm.... gobbled it before she got to have it.  Just kidding.  I wouldn't eat the girls special sandwich.

When you see a penny on the ground, do you pick it up even if it's tails?  Tails is supposed to be bad luck if you believe in that superstition.  Although, a penny is a penny.  An extra coin or two into one of my daughter's money jars.

I've had mixed feelings on that.  Sometimes if I've seen it's tails, I don't pick it up and other times, I don't care.

I'm going to knit up a mindless stockinette stitch headband next.  Sometimes I like simple as well.  It makes for faster knitting.  Bobbles do take extra time, but do have a really pretty result.

I also went into The Glorious Money Tree and cleaned up my chapter breaks.  It seems this is cumbersome as every time you go to edit your chapters, it moves the chapter title into another spot.

And I cropped a few of the cover illustrations and practiced what my title text will look like.

I may decide to pull it into another photo software and do some more to it.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 21, 2014

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