Monday, March 10, 2014

Will Spring Get here?

Snow this morning!!!  Will spring ever come?  It's less than two weeks away and we are all just about sick of winter.  Nothing like still trudging on wet snow, still thinking we could slip and fall.

I'm waiting for those yard sales!  The thought of seeing yard sale signs and good bargains could be towards the end of this month if we're lucky!

It's got to warm up soon.  I walked out without gloves and needed to reach into my pocket for them while in the car.

My girls are getting a few little things.  Julia wanted some blue yarn to finger knit and I should teach her how to cast on and do the regular knitting.  I believe it was last week, when I saw a picture on FB about knitter's arm knitting!!!  Good lord!  Next they will be knitting with their feet!

I have yet to purchase those super large knitting needles and do not think I ever will.  I prefer the smaller needles.  Even my 10 mm and 15 mm collect dust, but I save them just in case a larger project calls for them.  Like a loose weave scarf or something.

My cats are having some fun with stray yarn balls they can reach into a bag for.  Still finding some time to organize.  Isn't it the way, always feeling a need to organize and weed out.

This weekend, was my colored pencils needing to be organized as to what brand.  I am supplying Julia with her own set of colored pencils and she will be surprised to see them in a pretty mug on their craft table.

It's the little treats that they will always remember.

And looks like Mollyanne got supplied with more of those rubber band loom kits which should last her a little bit.

Doesn't it feel good when you can get things accomplished.  I love a good weekend when I can get a jump on things.  I still was able to knit like usual, but I made myself get a jump on the book and managed roughly 24 hand written pages.

I was able to get the next four to five chapters written that I needed to.  By the time I went to bed, I lay down with my I-pod mapping out the next chapters which need to happen.

So, typed within the next days I should be able to push it to 240-250 pages.  It's on it's way to getting closer to completion.

I should make myself finish the cover work too and get that uploaded.  It's so close to being done, but what did I do instead?  I worked on two other illustrations for the book, so along with the cover I have roughly 5 illustrations for the inside I also need to complete.

Seems like there's always a lot on my plate.  I've got the other books for different types of books as well, but they are on the back burner as I think this is the one that needs my undivided attention.

If you have ever done a trilogy, don't you love it when you start writing towards the middle or the near ending and you can already envision chapters for the next book in the sequel?  It's fun.  I've got some of the ideas in my head, but first things first.

Book number one!!!!!

I'm starting to go to Kindle Publishing forum too to get a feel for the formatting part of it.  I should at some point make myself read the books I have on that.  I'm so nervous about that part and want to make sure I do it right.

All writers have the feelings that if you've got a really good book, you want to invest a large part of your energy and time into it to perfect it.  My feeling is when it is ready, it's time to format and publish.  All in good time.

And that skirt needs to get done so I can type up my pattern and get the pattern into my Ravelry store.  And hope for sales!

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 10, 2014

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