Monday, March 17, 2014

When we get closer to goals

Don't you love it when you find yourself getting closer to your goals?  It's a good feeling to know that you have gotten yourself one step closer to things you are working towards.

Of course we get the delays and it doesn't always seem like we are going to get there any faster.  It is nice to know when something gets closer to completion.

I was able to push my handwriting over the weekend and got about 35-36 written pages done.  It felt really good to be able to write all of that and now I've got to do the typing which will push the book to 275 pages.  I'm going to push my next goal of getting The Glorious Money Tree to the 300 page mark.

It gets a little closer every time I write.  I felt like I was able to push the James Patterson goal of getting 4-5 hours of writing in.  If only I could push myself to do that every day!!

I think we have to approach the table of as long as we get a certain amount done each day, the project gets closer all the time.

Another thing I was glad to complete over the weekend was my cover.  I finally finished the cover art.  So what I have to do next is get my pictures of it uploaded and finalize what the cover is going to look like with a border and the title part.

It's been a long process writing a novel this large.  It is time consuming but well worth it.  I think any project can be so rewarding if we stick to goals and see that something comes to a completion we are satisfied with.  It's all worth it in the end.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 17, 2014

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