Friday, March 14, 2014

What you do with your life is up to you

Your life is yours if you are willing to make the most of things.  Take it in the palm of your hand and do the best to do what needs to be done in your life.

There will always be ups and downs and the hardest thing is maintaining a good outlook in the face of terrible things that happen to you.  But it can be done.

Lord knows I have been through nasty things and I've been able to be strong and not always let anything get the best of me.  It is hard to do though when you are in the midst of conflicts.  It's no fun, no bed of roses and the important thing is not to let it all bog you down.

You can either face things with a positive outlook and forge ahead or you can drown yourself in the negativity and let it get the best of you.  I will say nobody is ever completely immune from something getting the best of you.

There will always be times when you may wish you hadn't reacted a certain way towards something.  The important thing is to always rise above it.  Rise above someone who has been mean to you or wronged you.  Rise above the ones who want to drag you to their level.

It shows when someone is that way and you will look better if you don't sink to someone else's level.  Trying to ignore things is a good way of approaching a situation.  That is if you can.  If it's something that requires your attention, then you have no choice in the matter.

A mean person wants a reaction from you, so from my experiences, don't give it to them.  If you do, it will make them continue because they know they are getting a rise out of you and it is fun for them.  They don't get any reaction, they will eventually stop as their game will become boring.  Like playing chess without the other player.

Life is a series of decisions and choices we make and it's our choice to make them.  Not someone else's.

Even things like weekly schedules.  We try to stick to them, but if we don't get all we want done, do you cry and sulk that you didn't accomplish it or do you say, well it's in the past and I will try better next week to get everything done I needed to get done.

Life gets in the way of our agendas and it's not always going to go our way.  There's always going to be delays, set-backs and other things that need our attention.  Down to the looking for things that can get in the way of other tasks we needed to do.

Like today for me was searching for a bookmark and a knitting needle for which luckily I found within a short amount of time.  But there's been other times when I've searched for something, it was right under my nose, yet it took me hours to look for the darn thing.

It's so easy to get side tracked.  I tend to go with the flow and whatever I can get done in a week is good, whether it is knitting or writing.  When it should be writing or knitting.  I've got to make myself put the knitting down more often and put the writing first.

Like yesterday, I did manage to get a chapter done to the book, but I wanted to get more done.  The quicker that book gets done, the quicker I can learn to format and publish and hopefully make a decent living with it.

Once I learn that formatting process, I should be trying to focus on finishing my other multiple books I want to publish.  I guess that would be a goal to work towards.  I would be a girl on fire if I could get a lot of books finished in a year's time.

That darn knitting!!!!!!!!  I get addicted to making things!!!!  The way I see it is that I'm finishing products that I could also be selling through my Etsy shop or the craft shows or the patterns of mine for sale on Ravelry.  It's a matter of getting popular with something and then everything else follows.

That's the life of a struggling artist or writer.  We keep hoping for our big break.  Or any sort of break would be nice.  To get the foot in the door doing something we love doing.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 13, 2014

My daughter making those loom art bracelets.  But, this could symbolize peace which is what this worlds needs to think hard about accomplishing.  To find peace within yourself is the best place to start.

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