Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter Days again!

Winter Days again!

Here in Vermont we are in the beginning of an oncoming blizzard.  Time to dig out my boots!  I’ve been surviving the winter without putting those things on, but either today or tomorrow, I will be having to wear them.  Estimated 21 inches expected!!!!!

So much for Spring!  And it’s Wednesday hump day!  Another day to get closer to a fun filled weekend.  I’ve spent time knitting and need to start on the writing and other things.  Including my dishes are done and my food is cooked for the next day!  I opted for a rice dish with a mushroom sauce.  Deviated so this one may end up in my cookbooks.

I’m starting to go to the Kindle Publishing community and asking questions on formatting.  Seems cumbersome, but it needs to be figured out.  It’s a good idea to start reading up on things there so I get more of an idea how the whole thing works.

I even bookmarked a page where Kindle can convert your doc. Or docx. Files to html.  I’m not sure if that’s where I can finish the formatting process.  That seems too easy.  There’s links to all kinds of things.  It’s good to post questions in the threads as they will usually get answered pretty quickly.  I need to know also if I can submit my old documents that I password protected.  I was putting a password on my old writing documents when those mean neighbors were hacking my stuff.  Now I’m not sure if Kindle can accept those.

As to which, I created a new file for The Glorious Money Tree.  I’m thinking once I format, I’m going to have multiple files of this in case I mess up.

Spent a little time this morning knitting up a new headband pattern I created and will later today get the pattern for sale in my Ravelry store.  I used chunky yarn and it knitted up quick.  I had remainder so I finished up with a cabled case for i-pods or phones. 

I’m not sure what my next knitting project is going to be.  I’ve got to finish that skirt a little each day.  I may try a cool crown pattern for kids and a pair of easy slippers.  My ultimate easy is to do the cabled headband, make it longer and sew it into slippers and add a strap!!!  I may have temporarily solved my problem of not knowing how to do slippers yet.

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