Friday, March 29, 2013

Are you a morning, noon or Night Writer?

Are you a Morning, Noon or Night type of Writer?

What time of day do you seem to function the best?  We all have different times when we function the best.  Do you work best when you first wake up in the morning?  Or do you need to get a little extra beauty sleep in there before you can do all you need to do?  Or do you need to spend your mornings working on other things and you can work the best on your novels in the afternoon?

Not everyone can be a morning person.  Some people just can’t seem to get a grasp on what needs to be written until a little later on in the day while others really love being night owls and can be up all night working on their time invested novel. 

And then there is that time when you are almost to completion and being up all night with lots of coffee in hand or nearby to help us stay awake as we finish our well thought out novels.

Maybe you are a young mother trying to set out to finish a novel and you just don’t have the time to do it until the kids get to bed or during their naps.  This used to be when the kids were little when I was just starting to write my first novel.  I had to type up the majority of it when they were either napping or later on when they had gone to bed.
And yes, I had nights when I couldn’t stop writing and kept going into the wee hours.  Some people just love to work when everyone is sleeping.  It’s quiet.

And others really like to do it when they wake up bright and early with the birds and you can get just as much accomplished.

I like to write at different times of the day.  Like this morning, I just felt like waking up, having my coffee and I wanted to try to finish my back of the doll sundress I am knitting.  It’s almost done.  I’ve got the top part to finish which is only an inch, bind it off, do my straps and sew it together.  And then I will have to see if it actually fits the American Girl Doll like it is supposed to or does it end up fitting a bigger baby doll.

If that’s the case, back to the drawing board to get the right size for American Girl Doll’s or else it won’t show it’s face on Etsy.  Or in my knitting book.  It has to definitely be the right size.
And shortly after that was finished, now I am at the library working on the recipe book, the knitting book and now onto typing up posts for Triond and my blog.

And at some point, I will also go back and do more editing to the novel.  I’ve got to change one or two people’s hair color for sure. 

I guess we also can be a morning person one day, afternoon the next and evening on another night if we choose to do so.   Doesn’t also depend on our moods each day.  As writers, we kind of choose our own schedules, however there are things that do need to be done, so we don’t stay away too long.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 28, 2013

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