Saturday, March 30, 2013

Creating Bucket Lists

We've all heard everyone and the kid next door say they have or want to create a bucket list?  Why is it so important to have a bucket list?  We all have things we would like to do before we die.

Where do you keep your bucket list if you have one?  Is it written in a little notebook or is it tacked to one of those bulletin boards you keep in the kitchen?

My Mom used to have a bucket list of the movies she or my Dad wanted to watch at some point.  It usually got checkmarked or crossed off once she saw them.  And a few remained and she never saw those ones.

Are there things you always wanted to do and never done them in your whole life?  And you feel strongly you would like to attempt to try it at least once before you die?  Go ahead and write it on your bucket list and when you can find the time, do it.  But don't put it off and then it ends up never getting done.

For me, it may be something like horseback riding or my more wilder idea once was getting to ride on a dolphin.  I'm definitely not the one who would put skydiving or bungee jumping on my bucket list.  I'm no thrill seeker!

Sometimes the bucket list could be as simple as learning how to do a craft or hobby and you want to sign up for that certain class that's going to teach you how to do it.  And you know it's only going to cost a mere $30 or something to sign yourself up.

Are you just waiting to do it, because you don't think you have the time in your busy schedule to do it?  Make the time.  Carve it out and work around your schedule to fit it in.  Make your agendas flexible to fit in the things on your bucket list.

You want to successfully say you crossed them off because you completed the things on your dream list.

Do it.

Jennifer Fay

Copyrighted March 30, 2013


  1. Hi Jennifer, I've been thinking about this recently, mainly because I've seen a lot going around about them. I don't actually have an official bucket list but I'm starting to think I should. So maybe I'll give it a go.


    The Tales of Me

  2. love bucket lists. I could also call the wish list the bucket list. It's fun to make a wish list of the things you may want someday.