Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Often Do You Write your Posts?

How often do you write your posts?

Do you have some days when you are a miss hotpants hormone woman and your keyboard is on fire?  Or are you Mr. Jones who feels like there’s nothing at all to write about?  It’s just nuts when we can’t find ourselves writing anything.  Or anything we think is good enough to send out to Mrs. Clamity or Mr. Tony Balonie.  And then you can either see or feel his or her wrath beating down on you just waiting for you to come up with something good.

Or perhaps there’s nobody waiting and breathing behind your back, which is usually the case and you just can’t think of another word to write.  This is the woman who is sitting on the couch doing everything but work on that novel or post.  Whatever it is, the piece of writing you know is lingering, practically dying over there hoping you will come back to it and add something brand new and relevant to the piece.

Or maybe you are just Harry Canary who has decided to take a break and go on that well deserved skiing trip and all the kiddies are at Ma and Pa Kettles for the weekend so you can squeeze in some quiet time and perhaps some well deserved r & r.  We all need that from time to time.  When the well is dry, come up for air and wait it out.

There will be time again while you sit on your reserves and think about what it is that you want to do next.

Are some days better than others when you can easily pump out three to ten posts and you feel that you have done well for the day?  And perhaps other days when you decide that just a few posts will do quite nicely?  We all as writers have a different agenda that works well for us and maybe not as well for others.

Listen to your gut and decide what schedule is going to be right for you.  Today, I have been writing a little bit more for the posts as I haven’t done it in a while and am kind of catching up.  This I know won’t happen every day, as there will of course be other days when I need to focus on my novel trilogy, the recipe books, the knitting book and the knitting of course.  And then the Ebay thing. 
It’s all a balancing act on what needs to be done for you.  The main thing is to focus, be dedicated about the things you are doing.  Believe in them and it will all work out.  Nothing ends up disappearing.  Unless you haven’t saved your work, saved it to a zip drive of some sort and your laptop croaks on you.  Which is why after I am done these posts this evening, I will save, and save to my picture keeper as well.  Because my laptop has told me it may go to another pasture at any given time.  But, so far it is doing right by me and hanging in there.

A nice pretty new laptop is someday in the forecast, but still not for another few more months to go.  Time will tell on that one.

Do you also just have days when you don’t want to write?  I know it happens to me.  I’ve got those days when I just want to sit and knit, eat popcorn and watch a good movie.  My latest favorite show is The Walking Dead.  I’ve been hearing a bunch of my FB friends raving about it, my sister loves it and my kids also love it.  I finally decided to start renting the old ones with Netflix and it gives my kids and I a fun topic to talk about. 

And Mollyanne, my soon to be twelve year old has spilled the beans about some important highlights!  Namely, the little girl in it, Sophia!  And yet, I was still surprised by the outcome!
And the outcome of our posts can only happen by the will of us, our minds, our fingers, the keyboard and the creativity that comes out of the force to keep going.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 25, 2013

Is this you when you have stayed away from the novels way too long?  Slowly dying literally because you've neglected the writing?

Here's the beginning of my knitted skirt or sundress for the American Girl Doll.  At first I thought it was going to be way too wide, but I think it's going to look okay.  I need to make two.  I keep forgetting the skirt part is supposed to be bigger.

The fair isle pattern seems easier done on the stockinette stitch or on the straight needles.  I will try different techniques.

My Mom's pillow.  After my Mother died, one of her close friends made a pillow for my siblings and myself out of some of her outfits.  I love the floral blue in the middle.  One year at a yardsale I came across a homemade dress with that pattern and I cut it up for my quilts I made for myself, my sister and my sister n law.  My mom's lace from her wedding dress went into the quilts as well.

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