Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Gets Your Day Started on the Right Track?

A FB friend posted this one today and it made me laugh!  If I would be clicking this button, I don't know.  Many firefighters might show up, or the button might end up getting clicked with the knitting needle.

Then again, I would probably be the one who may only click it once because I am trying to get that last stitch in!!!

Anyway, what gets your day started on the right track?  Is it the reason because you were able to clean up your kitchen?  Get the dishes done?  Mine are still waiting for me, as I chose to leave without doing them.  But they will be waiting. Maybe later today.  There's not too much to do when it's just me, unless if I have created lots of dishes due to making a recipe for the recipe book.  I've got to get one typed in today, but then it won't be for another few days for that as I will be having leftovers!  Which means no cooking!!!

I made a stroganoff type dish yesterday.  Can hardly wait to grocery shop again.  Don't you hate it when you open up your fridge and you know that there begins to be slim pickings at least on certain items?  I do.  But, I will say that there's always something that can be made.  You know the canned food and different items that you forget are back there?

I say periodically you have to organize and shuffle things around so that you can find what you forgot you had.

That's the same thing with my yarn stash.  I probably should stay out of the yarn shop for a while, as there is way too much yarn that I have.  I technically would not need to go into a yarn shop for a long time, but it's fun to go in.  My favorite section with my local yarn shop is a little bin of their leftover felting yarns.  Usually I can find some cool colors and only pay $1 or $2 or sometimes fifty cents for a little ball.  Kind of fun.  But other times, I have gone in and looked and they have no colors there that I need.

Does your day begin with a smile?  That would always make my day brighter.  Doing a good deed for someone also makes the world and the moment just as it should.

Does your day get better if you accomplish all you set out to do?  It would me.  I love it when I can tackle all the things on my list.  Or at least get to the majority of things.  Let's face it, we can never get every thing done that we need to do.  We always manage to add more to the list of tasks.

And who has time to make a list?  Not always.  Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.  I do a mixture.  I love being organized.

This morning, I made some time to organize all my jewelry supplies.  I kind of want a better container for my beads.  I had them in baggies and now am deciding to put them in several larger containers.  That way, I can see all the colors I have and maybe sometime get some done.  I kind of set that aside for a while and a few weeks ago, I made myself make a few bracelets for my girls.  One of them got a cute one with millifiori beads and some blue skull beads.  Kind of fun.

Does your day get better towards the afternoon, or the evening?  Sometimes we can't find ourselves on the right track until we get to later on in the day.  And then we also have the days when something unexpected happens in our day and we just can't seem to function or get what we wanted done.

Never fear, as there is always tomorrow!

And then there's kids that don't come with a manual!!!! Or life that doesn't come with one either!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 27, 2013

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