Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fun Day.

This post will be sort of short as I am on my HTC tablet and I am not used to writing a post on these things, but anyhow.  I spent a little time at the library this morning.  My favorite new haunt for free wi fi since the holidays and now I'm constantly going to different places to use the free internet.  I wish there was a local guide to all the free places to hang out and enjoy getting to save money with public internet.  And you get a fun place to enjoy it.  I have used Starbucks wi fi or always McDonald's is good and you can get a yummy treat.
 And one of my Exs relatives told me on time I saw her that J.K. Rowling went to the library to write her novels.  I'm praying that my laptop will hold out.  I keep hearing that hard drive clicking and thinking give me a mile and I'll get more done.  Honestly.  I went into The Glorious Money Tree novel, first in trilogy last night and I had to just go back three chapters to remember what needs to get written next and I forgot that I had one of the good fairies give Sally and Ronny three things instead of just the magic pen.  I forgot how I described the magic pen too and the next chapter was to get the pen to Mrs. Severance without a bad fairy knowing she was to receive it.
 So, I think I need to tighten up my guidelines and highlights in case my laptop kicks the big one, so I can hand write while waiting to begin typing again.  So was glad to get refreshed and get one of the handwritten chapters in.  Then I watched The Hunger Games.
 Today was the best, getting to see my kids as we missed each other a lot.  I never want to be put through not seeing my kids for a long time again.  We met at pizza Putt and enjoyed pizza and it was nice to get to see their new little sister too.  I brought what I was going to give them all on Valentine's Day.  Cute tops.  Their little sister got a cute little cowgirl one and I let them pick one of my handmade bracelets to keep.
 She wanted to sit next to me but I told her the next time we see each other, it can be her turn.
Then of course after we went to the huge jungle gym, which is when you don't know where they are for a few moments.  You know, like seeing a child slide down, you think it's yours and they look the same but then it's not.  One time I thought I saw my son climbing through the tunnels and turns out it was an adult probably searching for theirs.  The girls then played the games and try to win things.  My favorite one to watch was the claw!  They make those so hard to get the toy.  My oldest daughter surprised me and got a pretty necklace.  And then her little sister really wanted one too, so I kept hoping she would get her one.  At the time she didn't but later on she did win her one too, which was very nice.  It's always kind of too bad when one child leaves broken hearted because they didn't get what the other one got.  . That darn claw!!!  Then my youngest came close to pushing one of those go god toys out of its spot but it didn't get pushed all the way off the shelf.  We had a nice time, and then I got to see their new car after.  I had forgotten they got a new car.
I am on free wi fi again.  And then, I need to get back and work more to The Glorious Money tree. 
I got it to 163 pages last night and still have a bunch of handwritten chapters to get in.  I love the typing part if I have started with a handwritten page, as that is when the editing begins and my chapters always change their course.  But of course the full-blown editing kind of comes after you complete the novel to where you want it to maybe end and leave the audience hungering for what is to come in the second novel and the finale in the third.
 I'm having so much fun with this one, I wondered if I could even push it to more novels.  There's an abundance of characters to really explore and develop more, I'm debating if I could stop with just three.
 Or my other thought is what if I were to have another two to three books maybe be on the bad fairy, her evil mother, Venetia and delve into perhaps their beginnings.  Who knows.
 Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa and to the question you didn't ask dreams can always come true if you believe in the power of the future. ..
 Jennifer Jo Fay
March 10, 2013

older picture. . My tablet has mostly kid pics and I won't put them online.  I guess I should start taking some new pics with this. 
to go.  Things to do. 

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