Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Socializing on the Web

Just how do you go about socializing on the web or at least keeping up with it all?  We all know there is a vast amount of content out there and we will never ever be able to have it all at our fingertips.  It's just way to much to put on our busy plates that seem to have too much on it that is our things we need to set out to do.

But, we know we also need to keep up with the social life the internet has to offer.  Years ago, we never would have gotten to socialize with others like ourselves on the web.  You know, other bloggers, writers and you name it that these acquaintances have in common with us and many of them live across the world in another continent.

That option was never available twenty to thirty years ago, and now we should be counting our blessings we have friends in England, Canada and Australia just to name a few examples.  It's great to be able to help each other out on commenting on their blogs.  By doing this, we learn new things that others can teach us.

Or perhaps we can understand someone else's view and perception of similar topics we choose to write about.

Also, we have to try and keep up with the socializing.  It's hard to do when we get overwhelmed by all the things we are subscribed to.

We really wish we could respond to everything that is in our emails or on our blog reads we are subscribed to.

Each day we have an inner agenda we set ourselves out to doing and we also fit in what we can to read from others as we know we need to be inspired by them.

How many of you find yourselves deleting emails as well as you just don't have all the time to read them?  I find myself scrolling down and if the title sounds good, I keep it in there until I can be ready to read it. And my favorites almost always get read unless if they have posted more than one and I didn't get time to read it all.

Something I used to do but haven't done it in a long time is to write a list of all the places I should hop myself to each day.  I haven't done this in what seems like forever.  It was usually all the sites I would need to go to do the free advertising of my recent blog posts.  Get too busy sometimes.

And then, I stop to think that maybe if I just get my content out there, that's all that matters.  I don't spend way too much time on the pushing it to get it out there.  I just concentrate on doing quality content and sometimes hope  that alone will suffice.  It can.

If you concentrate on the quality, you will eventually be placed in the high ranks.  Don't stop, however, take your breaks to go read and socialize.

If you can't do all your blog hopping, website checking and email subscriptions in one day, pick the ones that are going to be important to you and go back to them when you can.  Everyone knows you can't ever read every single thing.

Nobody is Super Girl or Wonder Boy even though we wish we could.  Just get to what you can and keep plugging.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 2, 2013

Coffee should always be the first thing, and then do everything else!!!
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