Saturday, April 6, 2013

Laptop finally died

Well, I will try to keep up writing here but now its not going to be as easy with the tablet but at least I will try.  I had been at the local library as usual and I was trying to get The Old girl fired up and finally I think it happened She croaked on me. She let's call her perhaps something like Old Betsy or more like Old Bessie or seeing I am mad at the Ex, let's call him Old Mr. Ed because he got Ripped up.  And he retired to other pastures. 

What a hard day yesterday,  I had a hard time looking at my kids pictures.  I miss them.  But the ones of Mr. Ed got ripped up and they hit thedumpster really hard, the old junky pictures cracked and flew to Kingdom Come.

So anyway, old Mr. Ed bit the dust.  I was kind of bummed yet at the sad time relieved.  Don't you hate it when your favorite toy finally does not function the way you wishit would?  Just doesn't want to be your best buddy anymore because the harddrive is telling you it would like to go to Heaven?

Welcome to the world of my withering laptop.  She was clicking for a month telling me she was on her way to that closed door thatwas telling me it was about that time.  BestBuy had told me I had about two to three weeks left to the thing. 

I think I got four or five just about. Whichmeans now I will have to save up for the new laptop.  I'm going to shoot for the middle ones.  Not thinking lower end is going to quite be for me as I take way too many pictures for the really cheap ones to hold all that. 

Anyway, achangeof pace.  Obviously I will not be able to type the novel trilogyfora littlebit however I will still be able To keep the momentum going.  There is always something said for the old fashioned handwriting, alas nobody canever publisha handwritten copy of our novels like in forever.
I had to explain that one to my Dad recently, who in his own right is old fashioned as well. 
And he waslike, "What do you need a computer for?"

"Dad, I'm a novelist?  Think about it. Nobody publishers handwritten novel like sincethe dark Ages!!!  Funny one!"

Well, I think I am donefor this post.  As you can see by the way an HTC tablethas its drawbacks. 

Well I will bewaitimg for "Almost Famously hoping" to be my newtoy.

Jennifer Jo.Fay

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