Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Enjoy Your Sunny Days.

Finally we are having sunny days and I love it.  Of course as I am writing this, it isn't sunny.  Go figure. 

Anyway, when you get a sunny day, please take advantage of it because they don't always last.  It's the fleeting moment.
. Do you have the thoughts you've been cooped up inside too long?  Winter has a way of doing that to us.  We hibernate as we don't like being out in the cold atmosphere. 

Last week in Vermont we had a few sunny days and I took advantage of the afternoon.  it was actually kind of hot on one of the days and I had to ditch my sweater. 

On that day, I was out finishing my epoxy sticker bottle cap knitting markers.  I had found lots of little pictures of my kids, etc....
. and now when I am knitting, I can have my kids on my knitting while I am working.  Helps out where I don't get very much time with them right now.  Will be fighting it in court as their good mother, I should have a little more time with them so I don't feel so estranged.  Seeing them for one hour tonight and two hours on Sat.  

I'm sure they aren't happy with their father for taking them away from me, however I still wouldn't Pitt them against him ever. 

Then, there is also a silver lining to everything.  Now I've got one of my daughters emails and we send things back n forth.  Plus they grow up and there could be future weekend sleepovers visiting Mom.  Plus someday grandkids. 

Back to sunny days, every day I see my kids is a sunny day no matter what. 

The other sunny day, I was out on my porch with my things.  I spied my old lawn chair that was out back with some junky grills.  I confiscated it back and am using it.  it has some burn holes from someone's cigarettes or rolled up drugs.  Out complex was unfortunately treated to not nice neighbors doing drugs and maybe dealing.  Probably was them putting holes in my chair as someone else would have used an ashtray out of consideration for someone else's property. 

Anyway, still good for sittting in and it was a lovely day.  it was a little chilly though and I ended up getting my shawl I made a while ago and a sweater.  I had my knitting out but ended up hand writing a chapter into my notepad.  I like using a legal pad when writing.

I got in the next chapter to The Glorious Money Tree trilogy.  I stayed out till almost sunset until I finished the chapter.  I loved writing it and it is a heartwarming one of stinky sock boy Ronny listening to his mom tell her memory of meeting a half fairy half mermaid and the mermaid starts crying to find Sally and save her.  Then of course now Ronny is distraught that his friend is going to be in danger. 

I had an awesome time describing the fairymermaid.
. She's going to be really different. 

Anyway, I had to stay out there until I felt the chapter was done. 

Right now, I'm also working on a cool garter stitch and lace blue cotton scarf with green in it.  I was doing a bunch of those knitted dishcloths as my sister n laws mom sent me some pattern booklets for them. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 9,  2013

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