Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DDyi Coffee cozy and fun thoughts.

My new knitting fun is trying out coffee cozy patterns.

Here is a simple oNe I got free on Ravelry.  Addicted to that site.

4 dpn

worsted weight yarn

Ribbed coffee cozy.

Cast on 46 sys.

Knit 3, purl 2 across.  Join being careful not to twist.

Repeat this row for 26 rnds and bind off.

I downloaded a bunch of the patterns then of course will deviant and make my own for my knitting book.  Or perhaps yet another book on coffee cozies, water bottle holders and totes.

Like I've got enough projects on my plate.  Looking forward to a new used laptop soon and will start finishing up some of the books to start publishing.

I've been handwriting my novel for now.  I've got a new little friend sitting out on the porch with me.  A seven year old girl is taking an interest in my knitting, etc....  I've met her grandmother also and its nice to have new nice people to pass the time with on sunny days.

The little girl liked one of my beaded bracelets, so I am going to let her make her own sometime.  And I got a cool idea for her and my girls to be little penpals and I can organize them getting cool drawings from each other, etc...
. and soon they can meet.

Kids are fun.  There was three or four kids coming over one day when one of the kids wanted to walk my other neighbors dog.  Fun.  The little girl had fun trying to knit.  I also tried teaching her to finger knit.

I love sunny days.  It's great just to get out and about.
 I would say Saturday was a good day marking the beginning of yard sale season.  I found a few little knick backs and my free side of the road furniture.  I was looking for a few things fory kitchen.  I found a small piece that has a wooden square top for photographing my food near the kitchen window.  I think it was for CDs on the lower section.  And I also found a probably a shoe rack that is temporarily holding some of my pans until I can find something different.

Now, I am also working on a knitted tote bag.  I stayed up late one night to finish my shawl.  193 sys got tiresome and I decided it was done.  Today I went into one of our local consignment shops for women and I may decide to display a few things with her.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 30, 2013

sorry, having a hard time uploading my coffee cozy today. 

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