Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Would You do with 10 Grand?

What would you do with 10 Grand?  I was at FB just a short while ago commenting on my friends posts and the pages I like when I saw that one my brother posted about wishing for ten grand.  And the object of his wishing for that was a mountain bike!  It's my guess it was a mountain bike.

I responded with a how come we can't just be walking to our cars and find 10 grand in front of us?  Well, why can't it happen to all of us?  My novel trilogy is called the Glorious Money Tree.  Absolutely nothing hardly to do with money really, but we all have dreamt of having a money tree to fulfill our wildest dreams. 

As a young girl, I would often dream either of having all the money you could ever wish for or a bedroom filled with toys.  I probably also dreamed of having a cool toy room like my sisters friends did. 

To this day I have often hoped to find a large sum of moolah just sitting in front of me as I walk along somewhere.  Most of us are lucky if we can find pennies, and small change on the ground.  For pennies my sister and I had this thing that if it's heads pick it up but It's bad luck if it's tails.  You know the similar thing if you ride past a big cemetary, you're supposed to hold your breath the whole time or you lose a boyfriend or you die. 

I've come to the conclusion I didn't hold my breath as the men department has often hit cement walls.

What would you do with ten grand?  I'm sure if any number of

us were to find it, we would of course first pay bills.  I'm sure millions of people dream of sending any debt down a dark drain to somewhere like China.  Hey nobody was digging a hole to China for nothing! 

Then many of us would also think of a spending spree of any sort.  A pile of clothing, New Jimmy Choos pumps, yarn or crafts in my case, the latest gadgets, etc....

While others would think of a cruise somewhere exotic.  Travelling all over the world.  In a recent email with my sister, she was talking about opening some paper up to an ad for some ancient city on top of a mountain.  I'm forgetting the name of the exotic city.  Maui Maui? 

All I can say is its got to be the most awesome thing to come across money like that.  Like hitting the jackpot.  There are the lucky ones out there.  And then there are the ones who bet it and lose it all as well. 

Even finding twenty dollars has got to be the highlight of the day.  My Grampy had done that twice in his lifetime on his early morning thrifty walks.  He found nice Olive Garden napkins once, and stryofoam for insulating his basement windows.  And we would laugh, but probably at the same time wish we had found it.

Once, a grammar school friend watched a neighborhood boy lose two bucks as he rode his bike away from us.  But, he was smart, turned around and knew she had it. 

He was the boy who used to call me Bun-bun after my favorite stuffed animal bunny.  ha ha. 

Anyway, I'm sure we all could think of a million things to do with all kinds of money. 

The most important thing we all know about money is that it doesn't buy us our happiness.  All the happiness in the world grows in abundance on trees and all things priceless fall from it. 

The number one beauty is our children, as they are made up of priceless miracles that convince the world that money can never ever bring us all that. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted. April 24, 2013

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