Thursday, April 18, 2013


Conversations are really great and we all know that it keeps the momentum going in any type of relationship.  When you can keep the conversation going for hours and you know you are having a great time, it means the people you are hanging out with are holding your attention and you find it easy to talk.

We all have also had the conversations when there is a lull and you are struggling to fins things to say.  Not every one is very talkative.  Some people are just shy or quiet and would rather have someone else carry the conversation.

My Dad was quiet, and when I was growing up I was shy and reserved.  I probably could have appeared to be a snob to school peers and high school clicks.  I went to a rather large school and there were lots of popular clicks.

it bothered one of my friends and she let some of the snobby girls know she didn't like her treatment.

It's great though when you can find someone you can talk to for hours.  I was with a date yesterday at a local restaurant and we got talking for a good four hours laughing about lots of things.  Finally at one point one of the employees asked if we wanted anything else to drink.  ha ha.

The finality of the date was when I realized I only had ten minutes to get from where we were and to get to McDonald's for me to visit with my kids.  Which was way too short of a visit.  I'm going to push for more time with them when my divorce is final.  I already have told the judge I will not accept the measly time with my kids on a permanent basis.

Three hours a week rots and its not fair to me or my children to kind of have an estranged mother not by choice.

Conversations ate great though and its always something everyone has to constantly work at.  We want to have interesting interActions and to have fun.

Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted April 17, 2013

my mannequin I drew on her face.

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