Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Pump out the Articles

How do you pump out the articles?  I don't always get to do it every day.  It was a pain writing them on my HTC tablet, so I wasn't posting as often, but now with a laptop to be able to type on a keyboard, I will be posting more often.  It's a cheapo laptop not quite as described, but at least it will be good for typing up my posts for here and Triond.

I'm not sure if I want to get any novels into this laptop.  I think I am going to hold out for a nicer laptop for that.  Where I don't trust this laptop and who I bought it from, I don't want to get my good novels etc/. onto this one.

I hate hackers with a tremendous passion.

It's a scary world we live in today and how much is really confidential anymore?  Hackers should be thrown in jail. 

Anyway, yesterday, I finally decided to try to get this laptop in motion with the writing of the posts.  At first it was very slow getting my writing software to work.  It's definitely a slow laptop but finally I was able to do my writing.

I surprised myself and got nine posts written.  I've shared one here, but I put most of them on the Triond site.  I'm jfay1995 there.

I'm not sure if there's really a trick to posting and pumping out the articles.  I would say it depends on how bad your writer's block is.  Are you just not in the mood or do you feel you have a lot to say today?

I've been wanting to keep pumping out the articles there as the earnings were beginning to jump up for me a few months ago before the other laptop fried.  And now, I am going to make sure I keep pumping them out.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what you want to write about.  Hard to know where to look for ideas for good content.  It's a win win situation some days and other days you really have to dig into the jar for the right thing to write about.

Hmmm.....  should we all have a big mason jar filled with papers for our ideas?  Just a thought.  .Maybe later.  That could be kind of cool for some photos as well.  Well, my mind will be thinking about that one.

I'm also thinking of a good Macdonalds sandwich I am going to devour later today with my kids.  Yum. 

I guess it's just a matter of keeping the writing momentum going and at some point you will be able to come up with all your posts you want to write.

Sometimes I like going to Facebook for my ideas.  It's amazing what friends will write and as you're reading you come to a great title or topic for a new article to make you money.

There's got to be a madness and a solution to writing online and earning money.  I do see the earnings jumping up, but it always makes me wonder how these other bloggers are able to make a decent living from their blog.

When I was writing for Hubpages, there were success stories that had me floored.  I was like, how can you come up with that figure and you are making how much a month?  Well, if people are doing it, it shows us that it can be done.

But you all know with a blog and writing online it takes a lot of patience and knowing that if you work hard at what you love to do, something good could potentially come from it.  Hey, if you sit back and don't watch the birds go by, you never know.  Birds are smart.

People are smart, it's just a matter of trying the best you can and the world could be at your fingertips if you believe in yourself.

I believe in myself, do you?

I think if I someday got well known for my writings, novels etc...   I would still maintain this blog.  I think I would want to come to it every day so that people get to know a part of me, who I am. 

Keep the private out, but I think sharing things we like and what makes us tick is a good thing.  We cannot worry about every little thing, but we do need to be careful.  It's a scary world out there, but the internet can be our friend as well.  Times are tough and we look to the internet nowadays for our jobs.

There's simply not enough jobs out in the local areas anymore, too many applicants, the companies can pick and choose out of hundreds of weekly applicants and hey, you're damn lucky if you get something.

I say, power to online writing and Kindle Publishing e-books.  When I am completely ready, I will get my stuff out there.  But for now, posts and articles will be my thing until I am ready to do the other.

A novel or an e-book of any sort, takes a lot of time and patience.  I really want it to be perfect and that takes patience.

I've got lots of that.  I was brought up on Patience is a Virtue.  Instilled by my beautiful Mom.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 22, 2013

Okay, I think I have got to get going.  This picture is making me thirsty!!!!!!!  And I'm hungry!!!!!  That little clock my Mom gave me one Christmas.  It seriously used to be white!!!!!  But I keep it because she gave it to me.  Still works!!!!

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