Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TThings to look forward to.

There's always lots of things to look forward to.  Don't we know its better not to have it all at once and that its great to wait for things.  If we had everything we ever wanted all at the same time, we wouldn't be satisfied.

God makes it so it happens when he knows we're ready to tackle every obstacle.  That's why they're called milestones, events, occasions, and highlights. 

I'm finally having a laptop come in my mail from EBay.  It's used of course, windows 7 with a good battery and charger.  I'm sure its not the best but it will get me by so I can get on with my typing and finishing the novels and publishing. 

Don't you love it when things start moving forward?   Nothing bad can last forever.  And when it happens, we just plunge forward and not let bad people get the best of us. 

Good in this world always will win over anything bad.  When things happen, know always in your heart that its not going to last an eternity.  Even when you think you have hit rock bottom, you can always pull yourself out and start fresh. 

Always be aware there are truly good things to bring us priceless creativity and time with family and friends. 

I am one to put the bad in my past and keep on plugging. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 9, 2013

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