Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday, Monday

What a beautiful day it was yesterday.  I sat out on my porch and saw kids out.  At first I was thinking shouldn't they be in school?  Then it dawned on me its the weekend. 

And now it's Monday.  Back to the grind day so to speak.  Monday is always the day that lasts forever, so it would seem.  And Friday seems so far away.

Monday is also a day as well when we know the errands need to get done, there's a list a mile high and we need to play touchdown tackle to finish it.  Like us writers, maybe we had the weekend to play and now we know we have to get back and post. 

I can so hardly wait for that new used laptop.  I came so close to getting a yardsale Dell desktop on Sat.  Had a smaller amount of moolah and saw it for $50.  She said the modem was fried, but unaware me still figured it works.  So went for more moolah, told her to save it.  Came back and discovered I wouldn't be able to use it without a modem. 

So onto next yard sale.  Low and behold, I bought a three dollar modem brand new they said it would work for a year.  Next, you can just imagine me gunning it down the road back a few streets away to the other one.  When I arrived, the desktop had just been sold.

Probably, better anyway.  A friend thought fifty was steep for one where modem was fried.  And second a laptop would be better for me really. 

Seeing as it was so sunny out, I went for a nice much needed walk.  Love starting to see the Spring flowers and buds on the trees.  I got gorgeous pictures of my kids on Saturday, some beautiful ones of my youngest with the tree buds in the background.

I feel sort of guilty when I sometimes take more of her, try to even it out.  But she is so photogenic and the pictures come out great.  Maybe she's my muse. 

But I don't play favorites as my other is just as beautiful as well.  Sometimes Julia has that haunting look I am sometimes after when I am photo graphing.

One of these days I should do some drawings from some.  I've got to do it.  Writing and knitting get in the way.

I'm very close to finishing Julia's knitting tote which will go into one of my knitting books.  And then Mollyanne wants one with blues, black and purple.  After that's done, back to coffee cozies.  Can hardly wait to do so many things.  Life isfilled with so many great things. 

I'm hoping to live to 100 years old and can you just imagine looking back on so many awesome things?  You know you've lived a full life when you can look back on so many things you got to do and enjoy each waking moment. 

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 6, 2013

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