Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a Free Country

Hey, world, smarten up.  We live in a free country here in America where we can speak our minds, say what we believe in and do what we want. 
True there are a few rules in society we must conform to, but it doesn't say that we have to abide by them completely.  There are the basics that go with good values and morals and we stick by what we believe in and know that if we are raised right, we can do what we want within how we were brought up.

We all do come with rules, but they are our rules and not somebody else's.  We make our own beds and we have our standards that we ourselves want to live up to.

We come with our own set of beliefs and we make sure we know it and if other people try to steer us in a different direction we have the freedom and the right to say no if we don't want to.

Which brings me to creativity and who has the right to tell a writer not to write or an artist not to create?  Nobody!!!!!!

Don't listen to anyone who tells you they don't want to see you doing what you love to do best.  It's a free country and you and I can do what we want.

Reason I state this is because I've got people in my complex threatening me not to write ever again and it makes me so God Damned furious that they have the galls to tell me not to write ever again.

They don't have any right whatsoever to threaten me not to write.  My plan is to move at some point when I can.  I love my cute living place, but I don't like the people in it.  It's primarily harassment, but they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

Someone has told me just to ignore them, but it's hard to do when they are constantly harassing.  But it's what I need to do and just do what I love and leave them in the dust.

It's a free country and we're all our own individual and I think if we listened to everyone under the sun who tells us either not to do it or it can't be done, we would be a melting pot full of sappy people who don't dare to let freedom ring.

What the hell people?  Just take care of you and don't be thinking about someone else and what they may think of you.

Since when does everyone follow the Same yellow brick road?

Stand up for what you believe in and don't let anyone tell you or threaten you not to do something.  They're mean people with a one lived purpose to make someone else's life misery.

Well, I've been harassed to Kingdom come for about eight months, but this girl has not let anyone stop her from what she loves to do.  I've got lots of goals for future writing, art and knitting plans and nobody is going to stop me from reaching my goals.

I've got a good 55 years to go or more and nobody is going to get in the way of that.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 24, 2013


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