Friday, May 17, 2013

A beautiful poem

I was looking through my old letters I saved from my younger years and I found a poem my Grammy shared with me.  I probably had broken up with a boyfriend at the time.

Anyway, when I found this instead of what I was looking for, I thought I would share it.

Advice to a Girl

No one worth possessing
 can be quite possessed;
 Lay that on your heart,
 my young angry dear;

This truth, this hard and precise
 Lay it on your hot cheek,
 Let it hide your tear.

Hold it like a crystal

when you are alone

And gaze in the depths of the icy


 Long, look long and you will be

 No one worth possessing

Can be quite possessed.

Sara Teasdale

Always loved this little gem from my Grammy.  My poem she gave me is typed on an old fashioned typewriter. 

Poems are always straight from the heart.  I find them hard to write sometimes and other times they can be very easy.  I believe your heart has to be in it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 17, 2013

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