Thursday, May 2, 2013

What gets your Day going

What helps you start your day off in the right direction?  For most of us, it is the coffee we drink to make sure we have caffiene in our systems to be productive throughout each day.

Maybe It's the thought of getting up early so we have more time each day.  This I've got to work on, but I also think we need our beauty sleep as well.  Don't we feel the days when we want to vedge and sleep a little longer. 

I've got to make that my goal on getting up a little earlier and usually once I get in the mode of waking up earlier, I can keep it up. 

Is it the fact that getting things done and the momentum of being able to accomplish a lot the reason for starting off your day right?

I'm looking forward to getting my new used laptop and then I can kickstart each day with that. 

I just about finished my knitted tote bag last night and am on the handle and it will be done.  My daughter has requested one for her which I plan to start later today.  And some more coffee cozies.  I will need to finish writing put the pattern for my tote bag as its my own Fair Isle pattern. 

It's sunny here in Vermont today, so I think I will enjoy being out on my porch for a little bit as well and get in another chapter to the novel.  Last week, I was plotting out my last chapters to the novel as once I get the new laptop, I want to start finishing up.

I'm thinking at some point, I am going to have UPS print up a copy of my finished book so I have it for a reference when I go to write the next two books.

Also I am looking forward to getting my new laptop so I can produce more posts here and Triond.  It's a little tricky doing it with my tablet and I feel I can produce more when I have an actual keyboard in front of me. 

I haven't decided if I'm going to get my own internet service or not.  I kind of enjoy going to the local library, and lately Dunkin Donuts for their WiFi.  Macdonalds wi fi hasn't been working for me lately. 

But at those places most of us feel we have to buy something so we don't feel so guilty sitting and occupying a space all the time.  However, the occasional sausage biscuit is yummy or a Donut and/or a coffee coolata.  I haven't decided which flavor I like best.  Butter Pecan or Mint Chocolate chip.  Sugar, cream and EXTRA Splenda go in it as well.  The sweeter the better!!!!!!

Yesterday was a Friendlys evening with my kids and my ex.  We had a good time.  Chicken sandwich went down well and oh no, remains on my shirt!!  Means I may have a bleach project ahead of me today.  Orange can be nasty to get out.  Maybe time to pull out the Shout. 

We all got an ice cream treat after.  Yum.  Heathbar freeze.  It was funny to see my girls treats come out.  One had the little spin wheel with the cool toppings and the other had an upside down ice cream cone, which both my ex and I watched her pour her caramel sauce and fudge toppings making hers look like a volcano.  Funny.

And the cotton candy flavored drink with the cherries on top.  Now wouldn't we want to start the day off with that?

I'm going to settle for a second cup of coffee soon and
maybe another yummy recipe for my recipe book.  May change my title and add Vermont in there somewhere.  I guy I had a few dates with mentioned I may get more people buying it if Vermont is in it.  Food for thought.  Not dating him now as he showed me his true colors. 

Some men are all alike, nor all men but some.

Anyway, this girl strives to start each day off right, whether I get extra beauty sleep or not.  I usually know its time to get up when my cats start using my stomach as their DIVING BOARD!!!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted. May 2, 2013

Darn it, still having problems uploading new pictures.  Shouldn't happen once I get my new laptop. 

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