Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why We Should Wish for the Way Things Were

Why We Should Wish For the Way Things Were

Have you ever just wanted to have things the way it used to be?  You know, maybe the way it was back in the seventies or even the fifties?  Things weren’t lightning fast the way it is now.  Things were definitely much more simplistic and not always so complex as it is nowadays.

Let’s face it, we live in a rat race in today’s society.  Everyone has to have the high speed internet, fastest dial up, latest gadgets, modern technology and all kinds of other things that cost money.
How many of you have seen the Facebook picture saying in a nutshell, Thank God For Facebook the way gas prices are going!!!  It’s true.  It’s awful how much it costs to fill a tank now.  But at least now, in some gas stations the price of a gallon of gas isn’t as bad as it was earlier in the year.  I’ve noticed it has gone down a fraction of the price. 
Whoop de do!!!!  Maybe a ten to twenty cent difference?  How we all wish we could be paying more like a dollar for a gallon.  I was a kid in the seventies and can’t quite remember how much gas was at that time, but even so, it was a heck of a lot cheaper then compared to now.
Milk is so expensive as well.  Today, buying groceries for a family is quite pricey as well.  Everyone wants to have good food on the table.  Even if you want the fresh vegetables, it can be quite costly.  I love cauliflower but I don’t buy the fresh kind much as it comes close to five bucks.  We have to be careful nowadays when grocery shopping as well.
The world is on a budget and we have to make sure we have what we need but don’t overindulge even at the grocery store.  And if you go in hungry, be careful as you know darn well you are going to come out with more than you needed.  You know, maybe that smoothie or a bag of chips or beef jerky.  Anything that you want to open as soon as you get everything in the car because you forgot to eat before you got there.
Also, what about how simple things were way back in the day.  Nobody had to worry about so many things that we have to worry about now.  You have to be so careful when on the internet as the internet is full of scammers, phishers, hackers and anyone looking up good people to find out their information.
I will tell you, it is so scary what people can do when they get a hold of someone’s profile on the web.  We’re just a small handful of the millions of bloggers, writers and anyone with a website and we do have a profile so people can go look up our sites and potentially buy things, read our blogs and so on. 
Be careful when you do put out your profile on a blog.  Make sure you don’t have too much personal information.  You have to be so cautious.  But even if you are, someone can still look you up and your whole family as well.  The world is a truly scary place and I wish we lived in earlier times.
What about the price of everything?  Phone companies, insurance companies, doctors, etc…  all can really sock it to you.  We need our phones though as a communication with people.  But I will say, there is something said for the lost art of letter writing.  When you talk on the phone all is lost except for your memory of what got said.
What if we all tried to write more letters to each other?  I always loved getting a letter in the mail and nowadays we’re lucky if we get a letter at Christmas time from relatives.  You know how we get when we’re sending out the cards, we want to get them done and mailed out fast so we can get back to the  rat race. 
And what about all the things the government covers up?  In today’s society, the government covers up so much crap, it’s probably like a minefield about what gets covered up. 
Think about all the things hackers can possibly do in today’s society.  It’s getting pretty astonishing at what they can potentially do nowadays.  It’s a vast cover up. We would like to believe that everything we do is confidential.  Doctors apts. Anything, we’ve been told it’s all confidential.  Even the doctor’s know it’s confidential, but what if it really wasn’t? 
What are the police stations covering up as well?  Do hackers, phishers and other bad people out there have any God Damned access to things that all of us good people are completely unaware of what they are doing?
Hey, we’re in a scary world and it’s a nightmare thinking that our children and their children are going to have to grow up amidst it all and worry about so much more than we ever had to.
If only it were as easy as clicking our heels three times and we could go to Kansas and live in the seventies or the fifties when people didn’t have to worry quite so much about locking our doors like we do today.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted May 21, 2013

Sorry no new pictures for a little while.  This laptop I got isn't as described and the uploader is shot.  Bummer.  I'm going to be investing in a newer laptop later in the year with Best Buy where I will be able to see what I am buying.

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