Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Real Life Vampires

Which type of vampire would you rather decide you would rather decide to meet in real life should you ever encounter one?  I think I would so much more enjoy a fictional one as apposed to the ones nobody really wants to see in real life.

But I would definitely enjoy a male boyfriend biting me, that's okay.  When you know them, that's welcome.
And we all as women would love the fictional ones biting us, especially if it's Edward Cullen or his family.  Bennett, Jasper and Carlsyle are all welcome.  Not sure if I've spelled his name correctly. 

Who wouldn't want to be Bella Swan and have one of them bite you?  Or maybe you would rather be Sookey from True Blood and have one of them bite you.  Andrew or her real life husband are both nice as well.

And then there are the countless vampire novels out there that so many women want to devour in one sitting.  You know, the one with the seductive, mesmerizing, tantillizing stare that wants to possess you at every turn!!!  And then his brother or cousin who wants you as well and you've got a massive love triangle on your hands and you wish for the moment you were Esperanza whom is the object of the first bite. 

Very, very tempting girls, ladies, women and vixens.  Temptresses.  All of the above.  You want to get straight to the smut and then when you're done reading that part, you want to find your husband or boyfriend and bite him.

There's Vampire Diaries as well where there's quite the saga going on.  I've got the first season of that one.

But let me tell you that right straight away, nobody wants to ever meet up with the real life vampires.  Believe me, they are never any prize to be sought after.  Who wants the fairytale and then the awful real life horror that comes with meeting real life vampires.

These are the bad seeds that want to hunt you down, stalk you and violate you.  Who wants that?  These are the type of people we read about every day in the newspapers, the online crap that we hear about.  We all know of them.  We see them every day in MSN, Yahoo Trends, Google Trends and anywhere else.  The local news always talks about them as well. 

As soon as you hear about it, you want to shut the TV off and then when you turn it on again in hopes of hearing something nice for a change, you are succumbed to another violent crime.  It seems that every day we hear about something we wish we hadn't heard.

Hopefully nice decent people live in nice neighborhoods and never get to meet a real life vampire.  But then again, even the nicest of neighborhoods have not good company.  I pray you never find them.  Wouldn't it be so much nicer to live near a not nice person or group of people and to never know that they aren't nice?

It's so much better that way, then you just do not know what they are like.

We have people who go shoot innocent victims, good samaritans, decent, kind people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Fate has a way of spilling out for some people as well and those people wish to god they never lived where they were or went to that Batman Movie or the shopping mall.  Or they happened to be in the golf course at the wrong time, or they get snatched from their homes like the decent Vermont Couriers. 

What an awful devastation.  To go from your fairytale happy existance to find yourself in a life of horror.  It happens.

When a person finds out that something goes on in their life, you have to have all the power within you to overcome it and to see that nothing happens to a hair on your head or someone elses.  Be smart.  And you have a right to know who they are.  Go to the authorities.

A real life vampire is a lunatic, psycho and just plain terrible and awful.  Anyway, I would much rather have a fictional vampire bite me anyday.  Edward Cullen would be on the top of my list for vampires.  He's one of the kindest seeing as they mostly bite animals, for which the real life ones belong in that list.

And then there's Taylor Lautner, an hunk of a werewolf.  I'd take him too.  In my good dreams.  Not the bad.  There's real life werewolves too.

Stay away!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 2, 2013

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