Friday, July 12, 2013

how to Maintain Your Blog

Just how do you find time to maintain your blog is truly up to you.  Making yourself come back often is usually the key to a successful blog.  I should work at this one more often. 

I'm back to writing my posts on my Tablet for this blog.  It was maddening I couldn't use my cheapo laptop for it.  Maybe blogger updates?

I'm also beginning to think about moving, which will be about time I moved from this not pleasant surroundings.  A new neighborhood will do me good.

So, how often to post.  Do you find you do it just a few times out of the week or do you try to do it daily?  I've heard many times that if you post more frequently, you can get more traffic to your blog and potentially be much more successful. 

I've been posting more often again at my Triond site and found myself posting about seven to eight articles there.  Some on writing. 

I believe its a matter of making sure you stick with it and success may suddenly begin to knock on your door.  Quality is also key to effective writing.  To seductively sink in our readers is an important tool to use. 

If they come to your blog and ate not satisfied, they will click away to another blog that shall be more precise to what they long to learn. 

Blogging can be power if you do it often and think about what it is you want to say beforehand.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 12, 2013


  1. I've missed reading your posts. I think that is key too : leave your readers wanting more...

  2. Hi Nothy, I'm back to posting more now. Especially Triond, as I get paid there. Adsense got disabled here. But this is for sale with Kindle so I should be maintaining it. I should try to post even more here as well. I'm finally taking the serious plunge of looking for a new place to live so hopefully by end of this year I can be somewhere better. Then a new laptop, secure internet and back to writing which is what I need to finish in order to publish.