Monday, July 15, 2013

Publishing with Triond

Publishing posts at Triond is fun to do.  I'm also back here now to make myself post a second post here today.  Still wish it would work here to post with my cheapo laptop, but something is glitchy.  I wanted to share some of my Triond posts.  I'll try to post the links to those tomorrow. 

I like to share those occasionally on igoogle but I usually don't do a lot of advertising for my posts. 

Anyway, I'm Jfay1995 there.  I believe I've met my quota there today with twelve posts.  A few are still pending but should be published soon.

As with any writing site, it does take time and effort to start to be more successful in your adventures as an online writer.  Same with maintaining a blog, just for the fact you love to blog.  As of this week, I am going to try to work more at adding extra posts here as well. 

I like the library atmosphere while I am writing, but am looking forward to moving hopefully before the year is out, a new laptop and my own secure internet.  I'm liking the fact I would be able to hop on later in the evening to write more posts.  Whereas the library closes and I'm done.

Triond, like any other site takes time to see your earnings increase.  When I first started, it was like pennies a day, but now that I've been there a while, I am seeing more of a jump in my earnings.  It's still not a lot, but I like the fact that its some money in my pocket, say gas, groceries, anything else, the occasional skien of yarn.  Not that I need more yarn!!!!!  Ha ha ha. 

That's the dilemma of a knitter seeing new colors to add to the stash.  Now, yarn finds at a yard sale is a different story!!!! 

I'm remembering once seeing a pair of knitted handcuffs on a gallery wall.  Maybe we knitters need those to keep us from adding more to the already large stash. 

Triond articles, once you have enough of them can generate more revenue.  Meeting a quota is a good thing to do when posting anywhere.  Some days, I can like anyone else feel I just don't have enough to write about. 

I like it when there are lots of views to the posts.  I've had some posts that would generate close to 2,000 views.  That doesn't happen all the time, but its nice to see. 

My goals with Triond is to see if I can earn more in a month than I have yet to earn.  I guess that is our intent with any writing site. 

Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted July 15, 2013

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