Monday, July 8, 2013

Dumb Blond Moments

Here I've found myself at Best Buy trying to figure out a dumb blond moment.  Om on the HTC for the moment as the cheapo laptop won't let me type, copy or paste into the body of this post.  I'm brunette, but technically blond as I can't figure out the reason it won't work on the cheapo.

So, anyway, we all are priviledged to have our blond moments even though we have the different hair colors. 
Leaving keys in another place like the garden and the freezer.  My sisterused to put hers there while visiting.  And me the garden years ago.
 Or when we walk into a room and we forget the reason we are in there.  Usually when we go to another room, we remember what it was we needed. 
 I also got thinking about the writer, V. C. Andrews and was remembering I read all her books when in high school.  Then one year, a cousin told me she died.  For years I wondered why she kept coming out with all these new series.  Finally, I looked her up today and she died in 1986.  Her family hired a ghost writer to continue her stories. 

I never want my kids to do that.  I've told everyone I want to live to 100 like Grandma Moses.  I want to dance at my kids weddings, be a Nana and to publish a lot.  I would feel that what I publish should be enough.  And my kids, my sister and brother would have the authority to publish finished novels or they could finish one for me.  Nobody else has the right.

If I were to unexpectedly die young and I'm made to look like a suicide, it is not...  And should my stuff get published after, look into it as its my neighbors who hacked it and they should never have any claim to fame.  Send them to jail with no get out of jail free card. 

And send a grocery store peeping tom to jail for making a fool out of me. 

But it hasn't happened and I've got to learn not to worry so much.  It's tremendously hard being terrorized.  I'm making it my priority now to move when I can.  Hopefully soon.  I would like to see myself by the end of the year with a nice new laptop and working on my dreams. 

O also want to put out there that even homeless people are happy, and they get help to make their lives better. 

I got unlucky and years ago was subjected to a viewing of an awful You are Alone movie.  Do me a favor and blow up that movie.  Nobody is ever alone!!!!!!!

And I never liked the title and I never like what it was about. 

I'm an incredible mother to my four kids, the ex knows it, I know it,y kids know it and they are always going to be in my life.  And thank God someday, they all grow up and can decode for themselves what they believe in and do what they think is right.  And they can live with me if they want. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 8, 2013

 I should try not to worry so much, but its a fear of having my life cut short because a few lunatics don't want to stop it and make me not publish. 

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