Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Hot Day

Stepping out this morning and I can already tell its going to be another hot day.  It didn't last too long for me and am now in a cool air conditioned place.  How many of us have turned on our fans?  The stickiness is no fun, turn fans to high.

Skimming through some magazines and came to a halt on a page for homemade ice cream recipes and about 24 different things to add.  Yum.  I may have to jot down the basic recipe and try it some time. 

It would make you want to rush out to the grocery store to get the ingredients you would need and if you are hungry, watch out.  I went for dip fixings and came out with a small bag of Ruffles fries.  Sounded new and different.  They're not bad, but it tasted pretty much like a large size potato stick. 

The more heart wrenching thing was reading memories of the Sandy Hook victims in a People magazine.  It's still so hard to think about them, and the fact that a bad man took them away from loved ones all too soon.

We should take time out of each day to remember the angels.  Or to remember your loved angels who can't be with you.  Do you ever think its odd when they enter your dreams?  In dreams, it seems as if they never left.  Just depends on the dream.

I'm not up on all the meanings behind your dreams, but I do know many people are inclined to decipher them.  Like if you dream of a tiger or a frog, what is the meaning behind it.  I would think for a tiger it would possibly mean you will have a lot of courage and bravery. 

If its a frog, maybe its either your future prince or the vice versa would be its a slimeball character you wish you never laid eyes on. 

I would like to toss slimeballs out of my life.  One is a pig. 

The day is still young, so there's lots of time left to our hot day, and just how do you want to have it turn out is up to you. 

I'm thinking posts, not sure all I'm going to write about yet, but there is potential within the mind. 

When you write do you color inside the lines or outside the box? 

I read something about writing inside the lines this morning and I'm thinking a post could decipher thoughts on that.  Skeleton comes to mind or the act of fleshing out words.  hmm.....

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 16, 2013

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