Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Fun and Wishes

Christmas is now in full swing and I'm loving listening to the music.  And I've been back from a much needed trip to Maine to visit with my family.  Wouldn't you know, I ended up almost falling asleep on some parts of The Heat.  My ex used to say, "Goodnight Gracie."

It was a priceless trip.  Not the gas of course, but a visit to my roots was most definitively priceless.  My Dad loved having his three kids in the same room with him the first night.

Looking at old photos with my Dad I hold close to my heart.  He's got them pinned to the old bulletin board.  My Moms Indian pictures got taken down and replaced with family photos.

I got my laptop and tomorrow secure internet!!!
Yay!!!  Which means I will be back to writing more often and publishing again on triond.

What are your wishes for this holiday season?  I'm wishing for world peace and my biggest one is for my stalkers to disappear.  I think I know who the culprit is behind it.  II'm holding off for surveillance camera in hopes they are done.

What I hate is that a damn murderer would fool my father and I hope there's never a man in my apt to force a suicide on me. To my Dad, dig the rocks out of your ears, I'm never going to commit suicide, but should a horrible man make me that, put out a manhunt for him.  Dig the rocks out of your ears is an old saying we used to hear as kids.  I just want my family, friends and everyone to know I never choose death over life!
 Suicide is never an answer.

Anyway, I finally got working on that bench.  Lots of fun!!!  It's not done.

My niece got making those loom art bracelets.  I've got creative nieces and a nephew.  And it was priceless helping one of them knit.  I got one skein untangled and towards the end I said, "When I'm on the road, you are on your own.". Her Mom can't knit and her Gramma
 doesn't knit.  Bit her other aunt does.

 I've thought of a fun idea, but told my nieces I don't know what year they will get it from me.  I think anyone could do this.  I'm thinking of getting journals and putting knitting patterns they may like to do, recipes, scrap booking, etc...   fun and special idea.

Well, gonna go as this girl has way too many projects on my plate!!!  Creepy thought, but don't we all wish we had six hands to do everything faster 24/7!!!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 7, 2013

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