Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Wishes

What we wish for we hope will come true. ill make this post short as I will soon be at my car inspection. Dear Santa, make the damage small as this gal would like her new laptop.

I'm also praying for my stalkers to just leave me the hell alone, like stop it all now!!!  Last Sat. I had to call the cops again as someone thought it was funny to break in and flip over a few of my cups, wind up a music box doll on me, take a pattern I had on an index card just because, hey, I wanted to do the pattern, and also move other things around on me.  This girl notices it and doesn't like it one bit.

I had to show the kids grandmother the dotted pictures ofy children as that is the most significant thing that shows someone continuously breaks in when I'm conveniently out for a bit.  She needed to see those dotted pictures.

It's maddening that now I'm possibly faced with needing to pay for a surveillance camera to keep them out.  I was glad not to see anything moved on me my last trip out, but its not a fun feeling even to know she may have come in and not even touched anything.  I've got a sicko witch stalker and my biggest Christmas wish is for it all to stop now.

And having to be worried once I get the new laptop that it may not stop them from hacking is not fun.  Can hardly wait for secure internet, maybe as soon as next week!!!

A trip to Maine on the weekend, to visit my family is much needed.  And a Friday viewing of The Heat!!!!  And I may put a bag of kale in my Dads refridgerator.

It's about time to get back to novel writing!!!!  Yay!!!!  Crossing my fingers that I will be typing on a brand new keyboard!!!!!

And I will have to refresh myself on The Glorious Money Tree trilogy.  I'm waiting for my new reading material on Kindle Publishing formatting books.  Also need to finish the one on Katharine Hepburn.

I've so far also learned she thought her biographer helped her lose a hand of Parcheesi.  And she played hard to get when he wanted information on someone he wrote a biography for.  Samuel Goldwyn gave her the killingly funny stories on the guy and then when she saw A. Scott Berg again, she disappointed him by telling him she already forgot them.  Ha ha ha.

I finished a cowl that ends up its for me as I flubbed up on the cable pattern and its a little snug.  I'm going for a simple rib pattern this time and making it so it will go over my shoulders and then also as a hood.  In warmer weather its a shrug.

It's hard to believe we are almost upon the Christmas holiday and then we will be ringing in the new year!!!  I can hardly wait!!!!!

This girl is going to need to learn how to format!!!!

Which first means diving in and finishing things.  Knitting can start to come to a slow down.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 4, 2013

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