Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Evernote is Cool

Why Ever Note is Cool

Okay, as you can tell by my title, this is where I've been passing some time today.  First off, I'm seeing I am going to have to get online with my HTC tablet later today at my kids house.  It was maddening not to see those get to Evernote.  It's on Evernote on the tablet but not when I actually sign into my Evernote on the laptop.  Reason being is because I was offline on the tablet when I sent them over.  I can see them in my tablet Evernote, but not there yet.  

Yet another thing to do.  So, today I've been just checking out things about Evernote.  I decided to go premium and see what extras I can do with it.  Number one thing that will be good for me with this is the extra MB space you can get.  Meaning, I will be able to send all the countless Ravelry downloads to it no problem.

There's a bunch of different apps you can get for Ever note as well.  I took some time with this trying to download some of them and finally successfully added a few of them.

There's the Web Clipper to which I remembered having with the old laptop that fried.  I successfully got it added to Google Chrome and I see there is extra things you can do with it now.  You can mark-up the web pages and save them to Ever note.  This seems like a new thing to me as far as I know.  You can draw on it, maybe cut and clip the part you need and do other cool things with it.  Of course share and save so you can later read it offline.

It's great if you want to read the articles or refer back to something later on when you know you are going to have more time to review what was interesting.  Let's face it, we only have so much time and if you really need to get information for something it is a great tool to have.  

You can get Ever note app for all your devices so if you choose to use a certain one, it's always at your fingertips.

To go premium, it is only $5 a month which doesn't seem that bad.  It can come in handy if you really think you will use it a lot.

There's also Pocket app for it that could be handy as well.  I'm thinking it is kind of like Web Clipper where you can clip and save things.  I saw Hop it too, not too sure what that one is all about.  Thought it might be kind of like a cutting tool, but not sure.  Seems like there is so many apps to choose from.  I don't want to have too many but just the ones I think I may use.

There's Skitch app where you can jot down quicker notes, draw and maybe do quick annotations and other things to save to Ever note.

There's Ever note Food which allows you to record all the things you love about food, the restaurants, your recipes, etc...

It just seems like there is a good amount of cool things about it.  There's an Ever note study.  Not that I need that one, but if you are a student, that app could come in handy.

Ever note allows you to create new notebooks and then you can compile all your stuff into one note if need be.  The ones you are done with and delete go into a trash folder.  Which means you still have them at your fingertips until you choose to just delete it out of your Ever note.

Ever note is private unless you want to share online.  Mine is private.  I don't want anyone reading my notes and my venting. 

It could be good for kids too if they want to just play around with their own stories.  I can see kids really liking Skitch for the drawing aspect.

Try it out, as you may just find that Ever note is going to be your new best friend to record all the things you need in your life.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 16, 2013

Okay, picture doesn't go along with Ever note except that hey, I could send this picture into Ever note and write about it or whatnot.  I was partly thinking of selling these on Ebay, but I think I will end up not parting with my Nana's decks of cards.  Hmmm.....  maybe of some use in a future idea for something.  

I spent a good part of my time yesterday getting the Ebay pile listed.  Or most of the pile.  

This is an article for Triond too, Ever Note.

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