Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why it's important to save your files

Why it's important to save your files

It is a really good idea to save your files.  I don't just mean while you are working on a project, but it's good to keep saving your work in case you hit a wrong button and you get sent somewhere else and your work isn't saved.  Kind of like starting from scratch huh?  No fun.

Believe me, that has happened to me.  It happened with the cheapo laptop I had earlier in the year and it was so mouse sensitive it wasn't funny.  I had pages of venting notes and it disappeared meaning I had to write it again in different words.  Don't ask me why I even tried to get it going a few days ago even though I now have my nicer laptop.

Reason being, I decided I wanted to get it going just to install a yardsale find of an old greeting card software.  Well, I had created a long password to get into the laptop and it seems that it stops letting me type the long password suddenly.  I typed it right, but it just won't let me go past the letters to type the last characters in of the password.  Oh well, I might as well chock it up as a done deal, but I'm keeping it for my protection as to what got typed into it.

I've kept my fried laptop too as there's lots of stuff on it that would be evidence should I ever find an uninvited man in my new apt.  Smart to keep anything that would be evidence.  I swear in another life I would be a good CSI worker!!!

Anyway, there are so many reasons why we should be constantly saving our stuff.  If you are into photography like me, it's important to save your files to an external hard drive or a thumb drive, and cds.  You don't want to cry if it's all gone.

Today, I've been concentrating on saving my downloads from my HTC tablet to my Evernote.  I hadn't used Evernote in a while and figured it would be a good way to get my tablet notes to the laptop.  I was able to upload my HTC pictures no problem to the laptop but had a harder time figuring how to get the notes directly into the laptop.  The reason for Evernote.

I haven't figured out how to save the written files to my SD card on the tablet yet.  I had tons of Ravelry downloads I had saved to the tablet and I got thinking that I don't know how much longer the HTC tablet will last.  I'm good at protecting it in something soft, but it may be slowly going out the door.  For one thing, my alarm on it doesn't go off every morning like it probably should be doing.

  However, that may be due to the possibility that if it isn't fully charged maybe my alarm doesn't go off.
So, I've gone through it this morning for several hours saving them to Evernote.  It was good to clean them up as some of my downloads other than Ravelry do not open up.  Of course it's because I'm not online to view those ones.  It was a good way to get the ones I really want to save to Evernote.  After a while, I decided there were some I don't want to end up doing and sometimes I made the mistake of downloading some that were in either another language or a crochet pattern.

This gal doesn't know how to crochet for the life of me except for the single chain.  Voila, that's it.
Next, I've got to go into the Evernote either on the tablet or in the laptop and title the documents so I can find the one I want easily.  That was the pain in the neck with the ones downloaded in the tablet, it became hard with so many downloads to figure out which one was it.

A good idea with your photos is to upload them, edit them right away so it doesn't clutter your laptop and then send the majority of them to your external hard drives, etc.  Makes more sense to just have the ones on the laptop you are planning to use at any point.  And if the photo you want isn't in there, you just plug in your devices to find the ones you need.

With my knitting patterns, I also want to print them up at some time so I have a hard copy in my hand as well.  You never know where you are going to be when you may just want one pattern in your hand while you knit.

Consolidating your files is a good idea to do at some point so you have them all in one file.  Thinking of this, I think I've got my next topic for a different post.

It's better to save your files in different places just to be safe.  Like for me, my venting notes had to be protected in numerous places.  You can always send your files to your emails as well to protect them in another place in case you think your laptop is out the door, don't rule out sending them there.

And if you want to protect your writing files that you don't want someone else to plagiarize, you can send it to your email with your name on it to protect yourself.  I've done that with my stuff as those jerk old neighbors kept wanting to plagiarize me.  I had to protect.  My Free Copyright is a good place to protect your stuff as well.  It's free and it's protected.  I don't see why that wouldn't be a good place to do that.  It's as good as anything else.

Protect your work across the board.  Maybe you might want several copies of your written documents saved.

It's best to play it smart and save, save, save.  

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 15, 2013

Sorry if there's a few repeats in here.  This is one I just wrote for Triond too.  Sharing it here too.  And I've saved this one to my Triond posts file in my laptop.  I should do that more often with this blog and Triond.  I've got a file for this blog too, but don't always copy and paste the posts into them.  But I should just in case these posts got deleted due to a reason other than the jerks.  I've heard of some horror stories where some bloggers can't get into their Blogger accounts again or find their stuff wiped out.

Using this picture today.  I saved it from the Triond pictures they supply you with.  Pretty and a good inspiration to do my own type of pictures using any book.  Hmmm....  maybe a Twilight book!!!!

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