Thursday, December 19, 2013

This Process of Writing and Art Go Hand in Hand

What do you think about when you constantly hear or read about what we writers and artists go through to get to an end result?  I guess one thing would be the fact it's a drawn out process.  A novelist or any writer goes through a long process of coming to the conclusion a piece of accumulated finished satisfaction the words are finally where you want them to be placed.

An artist can usually come to a quicker end result I think than the writer, but there are the artists that do take forever on perfecting his or her masterpiece.  I will admit, I've had a few oil paintings years ago that took me several months to finish.  One of my largest pieces is hanging in my aunt's house as I gave it to her one Christmas as a present to them.  Another beautiful one that was almost as large and a lovely doll painting, I sold to a girl I used to work with in Maine.  I only wish I had taken more pictures of it.  I think I have just one picture of it hanging on my old living room wall after I was finished with college.

It had my mother's old hats in it, and my first tea cup play set, a bridal veil on a smaller doll.  It was a really interesting piece.

Look at Rembrandt who took a tremendous amount of time on his pieces and they are a true masterpiece to marvel.  I didn't come to understand a whole lot about Rembrandt but what stuck with me is that one of my Painting teachers taught us to observe the whole when creating our work and he always would refer to Rembrandt.  I can't quite remember but I'm thinking it may have been one of his paintings my uncle bought at one of the school art auctions one year.

Right now I'm drinking my coffee in a mug I painted last night and I'm hoping I don't start to see red or gold rub off on my lips!  I've got to add another coat of the sealer to keep that covered.

Onward and thoughts about our process, is really quite amazing how we come to work through what is on our minds.  I remember in one conversation talking about J.K. Rowling with someone, the person thought that he would be more interested in reading about J.K. Rowling than the books.  I'm sure he loves the books as well but he meant that he would be inclined to know more about her life and how she got to her fame, and more in-depth information about her thought process.

I think it would be nice if every established writer at some point in their life actually sit down and write a book about their writing life and their thoughts about the process.

Anyway, seeing as I'm writer/artist/photographer/illustrator, I think the process becomes a little different for me.  Not when I'm actually just writing, but when I'm combining both as I've done in the past.  My mannequins I drew on for instance or even some of the decoupage stuff I've experimented with.  It suddenly becomes this involved idea where you are happily seeing all these things you can do with a piece that you wouldn't have thought of before.

Those last mannequins I drew I suddenly went into story line when I was drawing on them.  Happened to be in Halloween mode in sequence.  I got thinking of that humorous novel waiting in the wings!  Lolita Lob it Off!!!!!  Enough said, huh???  It's developing in my mind and I've been jotting down some notes for it, laughing all the way!!!!  Balls on Bobtails ring, making badmen cry!!!!  ha ha ha.  There's just a teaser!

I don't want to spoil the whole thing and a writer has to be careful how much one puts on the blog about the novels or our actual thoughts for where we want our creativity to go.  It's best to have it all in a finished published book and then everyone can see or read the end result.

Last night, I got home from visiting my kids and another trip to Goodwill.  Ah, a cheapy CD player that works!  I got one a few months ago and the radio works fine, not the player.  A Mary Kate and Ashley CD player got my lovely Twilight music going for me when I got home.

Mind you, I'm humming and singing to the music while I'm pondering what I'm going to do with a little wooden recipe box.  Out comes the scrap booking stuff, then I'm spreading out my dropcloth, other fabric, my container of the paints, brushes, the sealer and all kinds of other stuff.

And I'm sitting on the floor as I begin to figure out what I'm doing with the things I am creating with.  Props with words, ideas for Lolita Lob it Off.  I'm beginning to start to think of making her things for the book.

I start to think of the words I want to use in the creations, which brushes to use, what colors would work best with the inexpensive Goodwill finds.  The Twilight Music keeps playing while I wait patiently for that I will love you for a Thousand years song and when it finally comes up, I begin to think of my four children and how I will love them for a thousand years and an eternity.

And then I begin to think of something my daughter asked me yesterday.  I was looking at my notes for Lolita and I started to tell the girls her full name and the name of her daughter.  Neither of my girls said anything about the daughter's name, but my oldest thought Lolita's last name was kind of dumb.  Well, to a young girl, she probably thought that's a strange or weird name.

But the funniest thing was afterwards, she looked at me and asked me if I was a vampire!!!  What a kid!!!!  I had to laugh and said of course not. I've got some private thoughts about my vampire angel character, but I will save it for the book.  It will probably most likely start off not very funny at all, but then she is going to be hilarious!!!!

To which, it's going to bring out my private humor that I laugh myself to sleep on some nights on occasion of thinking of that book.  I know I've got to finish The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy (or series) first, but I'm chomping at the nuts on this one!!!!

Darn it!!!  I've got to wait till Friday to take a picture of all those Nut Cracker men my ex's new girlfriend has lined up on the windowsill.  There's got to be ten or more of them!!!  I promise, Friday or Saturday, I will get that one in and maybe a post to go with it on why are we so inspired by those little men that crack those nuts for us.  Forget the old silver nut cracker that used to be in every kitchen!!!

Or still is!  Lest no man get near one when a woman is using it!!!  Wait until she is out of the kitchen, men!

Last night was one of those nights, where I could not control my laughter about some props for the novel.  I'd get a lull and then I would think of something else that would hit the funny bone.  Let's just say, I've got a little work cut out for me for some of the props.  I've got to think about who she is and what kinds of things she will be inspired by and what will amuse her to no end!

Finally, the props last night got done, but I wasn't finished!  Out comes the camera and the set up gets moved around, I play with the ideas of the composition.  I search around the apt for the things I want to use in it.  And yes, the black roses come out!  And a red one, a cracked prop.

On a whim, the hammer comes out to purposely break something that was going to go to Goodwill.  I took a picture of it first and then I smashed.  Try it sometimes, it kind of feels good to do that once in a while.  I've never thrown a dish against a wall.  Well, almost never.  I did break a few things on purpose because I didn't want to be reminded of some things. I bet there's not too many divorced women who haven't done that at least once to something.

Looking back, I probably wished I had saved them, but hey, it was fun.  Actually, I think I smashed it into the trashcan and not the wall!

Last night's process ended with the clean-up.  Hey, you have a little fun, you've got to put things back too.  I almost thought of putting a tiny drop of red paint on top of this morning's cup of coffee, but opted for some strawberry extract which did the trick!  I'm thinking of one of those Stephanie Powers movies where the male artist eats his paints.  It's got to not be good.

Ah, no red or gold on my lips so that's a good sign!!

I am just dying to share a few of those pictures I took last night.  Maybe I will try to find one I won't use for the novel and share it.  I had fun!!!  And will have some more shenanigans!

I believe the process of writing or art or as I say it goes hand in hand sometimes, is different every time we come to the table to work more on our long involved projects.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, says Dory the fish!

I found an old picture I had once taken of my ex-boyfriend's cat and she found her way into one of the props.  I'm thinking, Lolita's daughter is going to have her own kitty cat, which I decided is going to be named Dorrie.

See, when working on props, I think I am beginning a little skeleton for the novel.  But, first things first, The Glorious Money Tree.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 19, 2013

Errands to do, you know, the holidays!  I need margarine for cookies for my kids!!  And I've got to dig out that red crackle cookie recipe I found on another girl's blog last Christmas!  Those were awesome.  If I find it, I will type it up with a link to her blog.

Trying to sell this one on Ebay.  I'd rather have a picture.

Christmas is all about the kids!!!  And the reminder that the day is truly celebrated for Christ!  Born in a manger.  That's the true message of Christmas!

Yet we get carried away with everything else.  Now that's simplicity at it's best.

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