Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anatomy of a Hunter

Anatomy of a Deer Hunter

Many of us are hunting widows at deer season. We all grew up on Bambi and always hated that Bambi's mother got killed. We were traumatized. We were so happy that Bambi and Feline lived happily ever after. But in real life that isn't the truth. Every season deer get killed for the sport and to put food on people's tables. For some people it means they can put food on their table and it is their way of life.

The anatomy of a hunter.

They have to walk sometimes an hour into their destination. They go into specific areas in a mountain area. So alot of walking. They walk a ways in. They find their favorite spots and they do a lot of waiting. Sometimes they are waiting a good forty five minutes before they see anything.
There is a lot of gear and accessories that they need. They need special boots, hunting outfits to blend in, several layers of socks, jackets, sometimes a face mask. There are hand and feet warmers that they use as it gets cold out there.

They even have equipment to climb trees and hang out in a tree and wait. They sell ladders and chair equipment that go on the trees so they can sit and wait for the kill. There are actually these metal step rungs that they screw into the trees that allow them to climb and wait.
They have radios that are like walkie talkies so he and his brothers and family can talk to each other if they separate on different trails for a little bit. In the beginning they hadn't seen anything, then suddenly they have been seeing the deer.

They can't kill a buck if the antlers are too short. It has to be a buck. They can't kill the does unless they have a permit and sometimes the state only lets them do it for a certain amount of time. The states usually have a limit as to how many deer can be killed. One reason they can't kill a doe is because around this time is mating season, and the does are carrying a fawn or two at the most. And one could be a buck. That is next season's deer that can be killed. And of course they can't kill the babies because they are Bambi and are still growing. There are stiff laws.

Some hunters do things illegal and post up fake permits where they aren't supposed to. And some put down apples to lure them to a spot.
And they have to watch very closely as they are hunting. If they see the doe, they know that the buck isn't very far behind as he is in heat and wants to mate with her. He leaves his scent and waits for her to find it. Then she leaves her scent and he comes back and finds her. And bang, deer sex. Or bang, dead buck! You know that Bambi's father would rather have DEER SEX with Mamma deer instead of seeing the starry sky. But, they are food in the chain of life.

Also, he waits quietly and very still for the deer. Once he spots the deer and maybe the fawns, he stands very still and tries to be as still as can be. He says sometimes the doe will make a stomping with her hoove and jerk up as if it knows that something is near. Man has to mask his scent. They also have those fake deer calls and a deer can here it a ways away. He is very careful not to make eye contact with it so that it will stay. Once eye contact is made and movement, Bambi's mother knows that someone is approaching and will dash off and his moment is gone.

And once he sees that buck, he has to think fast, have good accurate aim and be able to slip his hands out of his glove fast to get his rifle in motion. He doesn't have much time, so it is of the essence.
And once he gets the kill, satisfaction comes and there's meat on someone's table so people won't go hungry.

And they also have to check for ticks afterwards, as this year they are really bad.
And in a few more weeks us Hunting Widows will have our men back. Personally I think it is really good for them to have bonding time with their family. Men need to bond, whether it be hunting, fishing or some other outdoor sport.

Jennifer Jo Fay
copyrighted November 23, 2011

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