Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas and all the excitement

It is Thursday evening and we are two full days away from Christmas.  It is almost here.  And what usually happens?  It comes and goes as fast as possible.  And then the day is done and we look forward towards the new year.  I'm sitting at my kids house looking at a fully lit tree with all the ornaments on it.
We have yet to see the snow.  Due to Global Warming.  I think we are going to get a little bit of snow before Christmas, so maybe there will be a white christmas after all.

Yesterday, my oldest son, who is a teenager was telling me about the end of the world.  He told me it is going to happen next year at winter solstice.  Something about the change in the sun or something.  I kind of laughed it off and he looked at me and laughed.  He said it really was going to happen.  I told him about Y2K and that ended up not happening.

He and his friends plan on getting guns and sitting on the roof of the house and plan on blowing away the aliens and zombies.  Ha ha.  Teenagers get funnier all the time.  They become independent but really try to pull your leg.

I finished wrapping my presents a few days ago.  It was much better than a few years ago when it would take me several hours to wrap all the presents.  I used to go overboard.  It is definitely easy to do when you start shopping in January.  And then there were definitely years when we wanted to spoil our kids.

I haven't gone over board with cooking and baking yet.  I did make peppermint bark last week.  That was fun and easy.  I'm thinking this week a day or so before Christmas I am going to make those Cornflake Wreaths and maybe some biscotti and some maple dishes.  We have a huge container of VT maple syrup so I think I am going to hunt down some maple recipes.

I should probably make up a last minute grocery shopping list.  I have been savoring some recipes today as I have been thumbing through my archives.  Of course we can only do so much at once.  We surely don't want to end up throwing it all out in a few weeks.

I don't think I am going to need to cook a dinner as I see a big ham in my kids fridge.  Being divorced has it's perks.  It means you don't always have to get a big festive dinner ready if someone else looks like they have already done it.  I might make some mashed potatoes though.  I've got half a bag sitting in my kitchen, so I might as well do it up and make some gravy to go with the ham.  And a green bean casserole is always a great compliment side dish to all that menagery. 

My kids are going to be so excited for Santa to come.  The oldest, of course doesn't believe in Santa any more, but my other three still believe.  My girls probably will find out in a year or so that he isn't real.  Maybe they are already questioning it if other kids are talking and blabbing about it in school.  And my down syndrome fourteen year old son of course still believes.  It might take him a while to figure that one out.

There's already some of their presents under the tree and my presents to them have to wait until I get there.  We already made our trip to Maine earlier this month to visit their cousins and exchange gifts.

My kids usually get to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  Sometimes it is something like pajamas.  Boring.  They would rather have the toys.

My teenage son is getting a new desktop computer from his dad, so he will be happy.  They have been borrowing each others computers.  We all have done our share of that within the last months when my pc was broken, my daughters was broken, and now my other daughter's pc has been on the fritz, but now it seems to be working okay.  Yay.

I have missed out on watching Its a Wonderful Life.  I haven't seen it on tv yet.  Of course I am forgetting I have a dvd copy of it.  I guess I should pull it out tonight.  Or force my kids to watch it tomorrow.  Ha ha.  My girls would probably be bored to tears.  I love the old fashioned movies.  That is definitely a classic.

We've got Irene on the news tonight.  It really made a mess to our state and there still is a lot of roads and houses that need to be repaired.  It has devastated lots of people.  What a mess.  When I first went down to visit my boyfriend after the mess, I got to a road in Middlebury and had to turn around and find a different way in.  Some schools were closed for a while, and parents didn't want their kids travelling over risky wrecked roads to get to schools.  It became a danger to kids, so they didn't go to school.

Audra Paperdoll set.

I loved drawing this one.  The most recent paperdolls that I have done, I really love to get into the details in the background.  It probably would make someone not want to cut it up, as the whole page is gorgeous.

I've been busy writing and publishing some new recipes today and over last weekend I went into my zazzle site and fixed up my stores and added some new products.

I got pretty busy today on the recipes and some of the others were done over last weekend.

Jennifer Jo Fay

December 22, 2011

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